Aeroflex Signal Generators

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SGA - Analog Signal Generator

Now with improved phase noise performance!
Compact, easy to use, high performance signal generator for R&D, manufacturing and the field. The SGA employs a large touch-screen user interface to provide a signal generator with unparalleled ease of use. With such a small form-factor, the SGA is equally at home in the field as it is in the laboratory or a production line. 


SGD - Digital Signal Generator

The SGD meets the needs for a general-purpose signal generator while offering the high performance required of demanding, critical receiver measurements or rapid manufacturing.

The wide bandwidth IQ modulator exhibits excellent dynamic range enabling the most demanding amplifier and receiver selectivity measurements to be performed. The use of Aeroflex’s Fast Low Noise Synthesis (FLNS) technology, added to the experience gained through decades of developing leading-edge signal source products, ensures that signal purity and integrity have not been sacrificed in the quest for speed; the SGD excels in all respects. 

An embedded version of IQCreator®; Aeroflex's powerful waveform creation tool enables the user to design waveform files from generic or system specific templates as well as convert user designed waveforms into compatible formats and include signal impairments and time markers to aid sychronization. 

An SGD “Aerolocked” to an SVA signal analyzer is a powerful system test tool in the size of one conventional instrument.


2026 Q CDMA Interferer Multisource Generator

The 2026Q is designed specifically for testing CDMA systems.

It works as a stand-alone for CDMA testing or can be combined with Aeroflex’s CDMA Auto-Station to extend the testing capabilities of this high-volume test station for CDMA-based handsets.

The 2026Q works with a CDMA radio test set to provide a fully integrated radio receiver test solution for CDMA and PCS systems in accordance with IS-97-A/98-A.



2026 A/B Multisource Generator

Up to three fully functional signal generators in one unit offering a unique solution for complex tests on receivers, components and systems.

The typical setup for intermodulation testing requires the difficult and time-consuming task of assembling and calibrating individual signal sources as a system. Because Aeroflex has combined and precisely calibrated the 2026A/B outputs, you can avoid lengthy setup times and get accurate test results immediately.


2023A Series Signal Generators

Renowned around the world for its combination of flexibility, reliability and performance.

The 2023A Series signal generator continues to offer fantastic value and excels in the following areas:

  • Phase noise performance
  • Class leading VSWR
  • Highest power option +25 dBm
  • Unique SINAD measurement option for simplified receiver testing.
  • Unique DC power input option for use in vehicle or external supply in the field

...and at 8 kg (17.6 lbs.) is still one of the lightest and most portable signal generators in its class.


6800A Series - Microwave Test Products

6810A Series Microwave Generator
Low Phase Noise Synthesized Source with 1 Hz resolution

The 6813A (10 MHz to 20 GHz) and 6815A (10 MHz to 40 GHz) microwave generators have been developed from the successful 6820A Series of microwave scalar analyzers but the performance specifications of the source have been re-qualified for phase noise both closer in and further out.

6820A Microwave Scalar Analyzers
Fast and accurate testing in field and factory

6840A Series Microwave System Analyzers
Providing an integrated solution to system, subsystem and component testing. 

Synthesized signal source, spectrum analyzer and scalar analyzer in a single instrument.


3020 Series RF Signal Generators

The 3020 Series is a range of compact 3U high precision PXI modular RF signal generators.

Their functionality and performance are ideally matched to the needs of RF test systems for design verification and manufacturing up to 6 GHz. They provide RF output power control ranging from –121 dBm to +17 dBm with modulation bandwidths up to 90 MHz.


3050A/3320 Low Noise RF Signal Generator and Dual Channel AWG

3050A is a compact, low noise and highly agile RF signal generator that is configurable to address a broad range of applications across a wide variety of industries.

3320 is a dual channel arbitrary waveform generator used to provide I and Q inputs when 3050A is configured with optional vector modulation.

3050A and 3320 are 5th generation PXI RF modular instruments from Aeroflex and the perfect complement to 3070A high performance RF Digitizer.

The superior performance of 3050A and 3320 make them ideal for the most demanding applications in radio communications.

Notably, the synthesizer technology used in 3050A delivers exceptionally low phase noise and fast frequency switching making it ideal for use in high volume manufacturing test systems for RF components.