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AWG5000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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Models in the AWG5000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Series


Analog Channels

Analog Bandwidth

Digital Channels

Output Frequency

Record Length

Max Sample Rate

Vertical Resolution

AWG5002C 2 Up to 230 MHz 28 240 MHz

16M point per channel (32M optional)

600 MS/s

14 bit
AWG5012C 2 Up to 300 MHz 28 480 MHz 

16M point per channel (32M optional)

1.2 GS/s

14 bit
AWG5014C 4 Up to 300 MHz 0 480 MHz

16M point per channel (32M optional)

1.2 GS/s

14 bit 





Multiple output types

Save cost and bench space by replacing multiple instruments with one, flexible signal generator capable of analog, digital and mixed signals.

4 Channels

Single box simplifies test set, reduces uncertainty and is easier to use for multiple signal generation.

14-bit vertical resolution

Easily stress test your device by creating high resolution ideal, distorted or "real-world" signals with glitches and other signal impairments.

Deep Memory

Generate long, complex waveforms.

Waveform sequencing & sub-sequencing

Real-time sequencing creates infinite waveform loops, jumps, and conditional branches for longer pattern length generation suitable for replicating real world behavior.

Dynamic Jump

The dynamic jump capability enables the creation of complex waveform sequences that can respond to changing external environments.


RFXpress® software

Quickly create digitally-modulated IQ and IF signals for both standard and custom applications with support for a wide range of modulation types.

Integrated PC

Seamlessly integrate to your network with LAN and USB ports. Easily save data with a built-in DVD, removable hard drive and USB ports on the front.