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Build Your Bench For Less

Digital Multimeters and Integrated Switch/Multimeter Systems - From 5½- to 8½-digit bench multimeters to integrated switch and multimeter systems capable of switching and measuring up to 576 channels, we have the right solution to meet any application.

Power Supplies - Our power supplies incorporate superior sensitivity and resolution technology to provide higher accuracy and more sensitivity than comparable supplies, including resolution up to 6½ digits and sensitivity down to 10nA on high performance models.

Power Analyzer – The Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer is a high accuracy, one-instrument solution for characterizing power conversion performance and efficiency on power supplies and all types of products connected to the AC line.

Savings for the Classroom

Help students explore electrical engineering with electronics labs from Tektronix and Keithley bench instruments. They'll help you teach your students basic to advanced skills they need to troubleshoot their designs.

Tektronix & Keithley education discount applies to the test equipment you need including oscilloscopes, power supplies, digital multimeters, arbitrary function generators and more.

TDS1000B Application Shot

Stock Up on Test Essentials

With over 25 probes and 5 arbitrary function generators on sale, now is the time to stock up on Tektronix test essentials. Replace your broken, missing or older probes and function generators. Prepare your test bench for the New Year ahead!

Popular Tektronix Bench Oscilloscopes

Meet the newest Tektronix Bench Oscilloscopes. Designed with you in mind, Tektronix Bench Oscilloscopes are packed with innovative features to help get your job done faster. Just like you, our engineers are relentless about building the best possible product, and have carefully designed every aspect of our scopes. It’s no coincidence our scopes simplify and speed every stage of debug—start to finish.

  •  Discover even small signal anomalies with the high- delity probes, and industry-best resolution.
  • Capture elusive problems the  rst time, with over 125 trigger combinations.
  • Search your entire record instantly with Wave Inspector®.
  • Analyze your device fast with built-in waveform analysis tools, and automated serial and parallel bus analysis.

MDO4000 6-in-1 Mixed Domain Series
Powerful. Versatile. Packed with features.
The Tektronix Difference:
  • The world’s first oscilloscope with a built-in spectrum analyzer for analyzing analog, digital and RF signals
  • Crisp, clear 10.4" high resolution display.
  • Ships with up to four passive probes (500 MHz or 1 GHz bandwidth) with an industry-best 3.9 pF of capacitive loading. No need to buy extra probes to use your full scope bandwidth.
  • Capture long time periods with up to 20M points of record length on every channel—analog and digital
  • See fast changes in your digital signals with 60.6 ps timing resolution using MagniVu™
  • Automatically trigger, decode and search your serial and parallel buses, including USB2.0 and Ethernet.


MDO3000 6-in1 Mixed Domain Series
Efficiency. Flexibility. Performance.
One general-purpose scope.
The Tektronix Difference:
  • Build-in spectrum analyzer
  • Impressive 9" display
  • 5 M points of record length available on every analog and digital channel to capture long time periods. Included standard, no options required!
  • Analyze your digital signals with up to 121.2 ps timing resolution with MagniVu™
  • Automatically trigger, decode and search your serial and parallel buses. Now with support for MIL-STD 1553 and FlexRay™.



MSO/DPO2000 Series
Packed with features, light on price.

The Tektronix Difference:

  • Capture elusive signal anomalies with over 125 trigger combinations
  • Monitor up to 20 different analog and digital signals in one glance
  • Capture long time periods with up to 1M points of record length on every channel—analog and digital
  • Only economy-class scope with built-in trigger, decode and search for serial buses.