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General purpose bench and system power supplies that provide an excellent combination of performance, versatility, and ease of use. Get superior accuracy, 0.1mA current measurement resolution, external trigger, and both USB and GPIB interfaces. Have such convenience features as display of both setting values and actual output values, a keypad for fast data entry, and list mode sequence operation.

Battery simulating/fast transient response power supplies designed to test portable, battery-operated products such as smartphones and wireless chipsets, Bluetooth headsets, tablet computers, digital cameras, and GPS receivers. Capture load current pulses as narrow as 50µs and sleep mode currents as low as a few µA. Simulate a discharged battery to test charger control circuitry.

High voltage supplies with outputs up to 10,000V to facilitate high voltage device and material testing, as well as high energy physics experimentation.

  Single and multiple channel battery simulating/fast transient response and high voltage power supplies.
  • Programmable Single Channel DC Power Supplies with Remote Sensing.
  • Battery Simulating DC Power Supplies.
  • High Voltage DC Power Supplies.
  • 360W and 720W Programmable DC Power Supplies.
  • Precision Measurement, Low Noise, Programmable DC Power Supplies.
  • Programmable Multiple Channnel DC Power Supplies with Remote Sensing.
  • 850W DC Power Supplies.




Your partner for individual solutions to all laboratory power supply issues:

ET System Electronic today is one of the world’s leading producers of AC and DC sources, electronic loads, power supplies and inverters. Their power instruments are used in research and industry all around the globe. Application areas include the automotive and aerospace sectors along with medical engineering and telecoms.



AC / DC Sources, Electronic Loads, Invertors, Power Supplies, Bidirectional DC Sources.

  • AC Sources: Electronic AC sources are used to simulate frequency, voltage, wave form, phase angles and current of different single- and three-phase networks. Our single- and three-phase AC sources feature excellent control data and cover a performance range from 250 VA to 150 kVA.

  • DC Power Supplies: Programmable and manually operated DC laboratory power supplies. In addition to analog interfaces, our devices can also be controlled by IEEE, RS-232/485, USB or LAN. We offer you switch-mode as well as linear supplies certainly addressing all requirements with their 120-watt power spectrum.

  • DC Loads: A broad range of voltage, current and power. For operation via computer an IEEE 488.2, RS-232/485, USB or LAN interface can be built in enabling remote control and systems integration. The devices allow constant current and constant resistance operation. The test parameters can be preset and the Dynamic option additionally enables constant voltage and constant power operation.

  • DC-Source / Load with Power recycling: This 2 quadrant DC System is ideal for the evaluation of electrical motors used in modern vehicles. The use of modern control techniques with a PWM rectifier (IGBT) ensures high dynamics over the entire power range.