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7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter

The DMM7510 combines a precision, high-resolution digital multimeter (DMM), graphical touchscreen display, and high-speed, high-resolution digitizer to create the first graphical sampling multimeter. With pA-level sensitivity and 1Msample/s sampling, it accurately measures ultra-low sleep mode currents and transmit drain currents from wireless devices.


In this video, Keithley Instruments demonstrates the DMM7510 7½-Digit Graphical Sampling Multimeter, the first of a new class of digital multimeters, for Power Systems Design. It integrates a high accuracy digital multimeter, a digitizer for waveform capture, and a capacitive touchscreen user interface. The ability to explore measurements further, and intuitive touchscreen operation continues the company’s “Touch, Test, Invent” design philosophy.

Wide dynamic range for drain current consumption profiling of IoT products

The DMM7510’s digitizer can measure the current drain in all the IoT device’s operating states. Capture µA sleep mode currents and transmit currents up to 1A with the combination of sensitive and fast current measurements from the high resolution, high speed digitizer.


  • Sample current drain wave shapes at rates up to 1Msample/s
  • Sample over 5 decades with the digitizer’s 18-bit resolution
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Outstanding accuracy with low noise for high confidence

With a low noise input stage and a 32-bit A-D converter, the DMM7510 embodies Keithley's low level measurements expertise to deliver DC accuracies typically only found in metrology-grade instrumentation.


  • 14 ppm 1-year DC volt accuracy
  • 60 ppm 1-year DC current acccuracy
  • 24 ppm 1-year resistance accuracy
  • Internal auto-calibration

 DMM7510 Noise Performance





Measure low signals with high sensitivity

High sensitivity enables the DMM7510 to measure very low levels of voltage, current, and resistance, and detect small changes and signal drift.


  • DC voltage sensitivity: 10 nV
  • Current sensitivity: 1 pA
  • Resistance sensitivity: 0.1 µΩ
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Capture and store more than 27 million readings

Capture a complex waveform profile, study long-term stability, or record environmental and life testing data easily. The DMM7510's large internal memory buffer enables extensive reading storage of your device's complete profile.


  • Standard mode storage: 11 million readings
  • Compact mode storage: 27.5 Million readings
  • All readings timestamped
DMM7510 Screen Capture
Observe, interact with, and explore your measurements
Visualize and study every waveform using the graphical touchscreen display. And for even more in-depth analysis, pinch and zoom to easily expand and magnify your view.

Maximum Resolution




7.5 digits



7.5 digits



7.4 digits




7.5 digits GPIB / USB (TMC) / LAN (LXI) DataSheet&RequestQuote_buttonTek_Vivid_Green


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Measure and visualize ultra-low drain current levels

Low power components and devices are becoming more and more efficient. Sleep mode drain currents for microcontrollers (MCUs) and other components for low-power portable products can be only tens of nanoamps. Sleep mode states for a complete product can be microamps. The DMM7510 can measure a 1 µA sleep current with 1 pA resolution and 0.375 nA tolerance.



  • 1pA current sensitivity in enhanced accuracy mode

  • 60ppm of reading + 9ppm of range 1-year-accuracy for the 100µA, 1mA, and 10mA ranges

Measure current drain in all operating states

The DMM7510 has the range and the sampling speed to capture the load current in all operating states of a device—including low-power, portable IoT devices—from sleep mode to the load current bursts during RF transmission.


  • Sampling speed up to 1Msample/s
  • 27.5 million reading storage
  • Multiple triggering options including analog level, slope, window, and digital external triggers

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DMM7510 battery_main_100m_poweron


Determine device power consumption

Device power consumption can be easily determined from a captured drain current profile using the extensive memory and waveform display of the DMM7510. Using the horizontal and vertical cursors, the average current can be computed and with this value the power consumption of the device can be determined.



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1KA-60001-0 DMM7510 UltraLowPower AN_Vicom

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Reduce test time

Use the DMM7510's test script processing embedded scripting capability to turn the DMM7510 into an intelligent controller. The DMM7510 has the built-in intelligence to execute a control program and control other Keithley products. This saves time by eliminating a lot of PC communication with the DMM7510 and other instruments that the DMM7510 is controlling. This significantly reduces test execution time.

  • Test Scripts can convert the DMM7510 into a specialized measurement instrument