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Dirty and/or damaged fibre connectors are one of the most common cause of optical network problems. And in today's context where operators must speed up their fibre deployment and operate under amplified OPEX pressure, any network failure prevented can make a difference.

No matter the wide range of technologies or different infrastructures you are working with (FTTx, FTTA, DAS and Small cells or Data Centres) proper connector inspection is an essential best practice for fibre testing and installation, which must be included in all daily workflow procedures. 

 Connector Inspection & Cleaning

 Optical Inspection Probes
Anritsu G0306 Video Inspection Probe

The G0306B Video Inspection Probe is an ergonomically designed, compact video inspection probe for verifying the condition and cleanliness of connector end faces during the installation phase. Images are captured digitally and streamed on the display of an Anritsu OTDR or any Windows computer. The connector image and detailed PASS/FAIL status is displayed as defined by IEC 61300-3-35 ensuring quality and consistency from connector to connector, technician to technician.

The G0306B is available for the Anritsu Access Master 9083x2 Series, Network Master micro-OTDR 9090A series and Network Master Pro MT1000 series OTDR as well as direct USB PC interface with free software


  • 400 x digital probe USB 2.0 /1.1 supported
  • Easily connect with Laptops, Smartphones, & Tablets
  • Drivers pre-installed
  • Auto Pass/Fail analysis
  • Multiple connector tips




Anritsu G0382A Autofocus Video Inspection Probe

The Autofocus Video Inspection Probe G0382A eliminates dirty or damaged optical connectors issues by verifying the condition and cleanliness of connector end faces during the installation phase where they are easily corrected. Complete connector inspection is performed quickly and automatically with the press of a button including: auto-focus, image centering, analysis and image capture. The detailed PASS/FAIL status as defined by IEC 61300-3-35 is displayed ensuring quality and consistency from connector to connector and technician to technician. G0382A is available for the Network Master Pro MT1000A, Network Master Flex MT1100A and Windows based PCs.

G0382A Features

  • Fully automated one-button operation
    • Automated focus
    • Automated image centering
    • Automated analysis
    • Automated image capture
  • Highest speed measurement
  • Easy to read LED indicator displaying status
  • Compact and light weight
  • Wide range of adaptors available




FTTA Smart Probe

The FTTA Smart Probe allows technicians to inspect the fibre endfaces. Images are captured digitally and streamed on the monitor of any Windows Laptop, iOS and Android Tablet or Smartphone. The FTTX Smart Probe is an ergonomically designed, compact, Wi-Fi probe for smart phones and tablets. Featuring integrated Wi-Fi module and left/right handed thumb or finger operation for greater ease of use and convenience. Incorporating high resolution sensor outputting 960 x 544 pixel resolution images at 16:9 aspect ratio, the Smart Probe can easily view two MT/MPO fibres rather than just a single fibre. The App,available from Google Play, includes digital zoom and still capture capabilities

Smart Probe Features

  • WiFi streaming
  • Easily connect with Laptops, Smartphones, & Tablets
  • Replaceable & rechargeable battery
  • Available adapter tips (LC, SC, FC, ST, DIN)
  • MPO Tip Up to 24F Available
  • High precision alignment
  • Up to 24F displayed simultaneously on the screen




OCI-20BN Optical Connector Inspector

Intelligent 'wear-like-a-watch-style' optical inspection probe


Shinewaytech's OCI-20BN is a portable optical fiber connector inspector for checking fiber and connector end-face cleanliness, ideal for bench top and fiber optic network installation technicians to eliminate error caused by poor quality or improper cleaning.

The OCI-20BN offers excellent viewing on connector/fiber end-face and has a unique feature to record and save image/video of fiber end-face all by itself, with no computer or any external devices needed, which is the only type of its kind in the industry.


  •   More than 30 Assorted High-precise tips Or customize for inspection solutions
  •   Handy on-site test




Optical Connector Cleaning
FCP-5 Fibre Connector Cleaning Pen

FCP-5 is a high-performance device designed for cleaning the ferrule end faces of MU/LC connectors. it can quickly clean off wastes or greasy dirt from optical connector end-face and guarantee cleaning result above 95%. FCP-5’s anti-static design can prevent secondary pollution after cleaning.

  • Professional applications in MU/LC
  • Easily clean connector inside adaptor and plugs
  • Anti-static design
  • Compact and durable


FCT-5 Fibre Connector Cleaning Tape

FCT-5 Fibre Connector Cleaning Tape is essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fibre optic connection. It is the best non-alcohol cleaning method for various fibre optic terminations which is simply and swiftly used. Suitable for connector such as SC, FC, MU, LC, ST, D4, DIN etc

  • Special non-alcohol superfine fibre cloth
  • Easy handling and antistatic
  • Friendly using, efficient cleaning
  • Tape made of high density textile fibres
  • Cleaning time 500+
  • Easy to replace the tape
  • Level of cleaning: -20 ~ -50 dB (Return Loss)


Smart Cleaner Optical Fibre Cleaner

Simple removal of dust & contaminants

The Senko Fibre Optic Cleaners are dry cloth cleaners specially designed to clean connections residing in an adapter, faceplate or bulkhead. The Senko Fibre Optic Cleaners are simple to use and highly effective at removing oil and dust contaminants that can negatively impact optical performance.

Proven effectiveness at removing:

  • Arizona road dust
  • 70% IPA residue
  • Dryer lint
  • Distilled H2O residue
  • Skin oil and Hand lotion
  • Graphite - pre mate
  • NaCl residue
  • Graphite - post mate
  • Vegetable oil

Applications and Features

  • Fibre network panels and assemblies
  • Outdoor FTTX applications
  • Cable assembly production facility
  • Testing laboratories
  • Servers, switches, routers and OADMS with   SC, FC, ST, MU and LC interface
  • Easy pushing motion engages connector   and initiates cleaner