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VIAVI AvComm, formerly Aeroflex AvComm, introduce the 8800SX digital radio test set. Combining high performance and portability, the 8800SX expands upon the unprecedented features of the 8800 series with a new 10 MHz external reference.

The 8800SX features a wide range of Auto-Test functionality, DMR repeater testing without the need for special control software, supports direct input power termination up to 125 W, thruline internalpower sensor measures up to 500W and also featuring VSWR, return-loss and distance-to-fault measurements. The 8800SX is a comprehensive test system for both bench and field applications.

Technical Overview

(of the similar, earlier model 8800)


Complete with AM, FM, P25 Phase II, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, and ARIB T98 test functionalities, the 8800SX is fully equipped for testing mission critical radios. With advanced tools, such as an accurate 6% typical power meter, DMM, modulation accuracy plots, TDMA burst profile masks, digital voice quality verification, and Automated Test and Alignment capability; the 8800SX will ensure your radios operate at a maximum performance.

Complete Digital and Analog Test Suite
Tracking Generator

Optional tracking generator (88XXOPT10) and Precision VSWR/DTF Kit (114348), the 8800SX provides a simple, fast tool for VSWR, Return Loss, Insertion Loss, and Distance to Fault  measurements. The 8800SX’ soft case permits complete operation of the test set while inside the case.


The 8800SX is designed for complete automated radio test and alignment for analog and digital radios. Using the accurate instrumentation and high-speed remote command architecture, the 8800SX optimizes radio performance in minutes; with minimal human interaction.

 Radio testing with the Cobham 8800 radio test set

Although digital modulation alignments are similar to alignments used in analog radio systems, digital radios require more precise alignment to achieve optimum performance and must be verified for digital modulation performance.

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