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RSA500A Series with Panasonic tablet 1 

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7.5GHz USB Realtime Spectrum Analyser



RSA500 Series front panel
RSA500 Series bottom view and lael
RSA500 Series three quarter view

Fast and light, the RSA500 is ideal for portable analysis, interference hunting and network management applications.

It's rugged, road ready package offers tremendous performance at a competitive price. 

  • 9 kHz up to 7.5 GHz, 40 MHz real time bandwidth, and an optional tracking generator

  • Battery or line operated

  • Includes SignalVu software for comprehensive spectrum analysis, and options for common applications

  • DPX real time spectrum analysis

  • Signal recording and playback

  • Direction finding, mapping and signal characterization tools

  • Optional tracking generator with available distance to fault, return loss, VSWR measurements





Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI Real-Time Bandwidth SFDR (typical) Frequency Range  
100 μs 40 MHz 70 dBc 9 kHz-3.0 GHz Details & Price button, green


Minimum Event Duration for 100% POI Real-Time Bandwidth SFDR (typical) Frequency Range  
100 μs 40 MHz 70 dBc 9 kHz-7.5 GHz  Details & Price button, green





DPX Spectrum /Spectrogram

Minimize time to intercept with real time spectrograms.  Ease transient and co-channel interference finding.

40 MHz acquisition bandwidth

Analyze wideband signals found in modern communication systems including 802.11n with your portable spectrum analyzer

17 measurements including spectrum, spur search, spectral emissions, and DPX

Minimize cost of equipment with free full featured spectrum analysis software with standard features for basic EMI Pre Compliance Checking and Troubleshooting

Standard Preamp with DANL of -164 dBm/Hz at 1 GHz. Optional on some other instruments in the class

Minimize cost of test

Optional tracking generator for gain/loss measurements, with option for antenna test, distance to fault, VSWR, return loss and cable attenuation Single solution for maintenance, troubleshooting, interference hunting. Factory calibration minimizes measurement setup time, errors.

Mapping, GPS, signal database and interference hunting options

Minimizes time and cost of signal quality monitoring and interference hunting.
Recorded file playback through DPX/SignalVu-PC.  Enables easy review of long data captures after recording for fast, in-depth analysis with SignalVu-PC or other tools. Enables offline analysis by experts not in the field, saving time and money, improving results.

Available instrument controller: Panasonic Toughpad at just 1.1 kg

Lightweight instrument controller much easier to carry. Quickly recall workflow setups and save measurement results on a standard Windows PC interface.


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SignalVu-PC Software
SignalVu-PC brings benchtop and field features to the RSA500A

The RSA500A operates with SignalVu-PC, a powerful program that is the basis of Tektronix performance signal analyzers. The software controls the spectrum analyzer acquisition and updates measurement displays continuously.

The base version ships free with the product; add options for Bluetooth testing, WLAN testing, P25 compliance testing, pulse analysis and modulation analysis to configure the software for your application.

Dramatic_Increase_In_SignalVu-PC_Sweep_Speed video thumb

Sweep speed comparison

Software update gives dramatic sweep speed increase

The September 2017 version of SignalVu-PC comes with several upgrades. The most significant upgrade in V3.11 is an increase in sweep speed. Acquire data five to six times faster with this updated version of SignalVu-PC.

Other significant improvements:

  • SignalVu-PC licenses can now be loaded into the instrument for RSA306/500/600.
  • CISPR Quasi-Peak, Average and Peak detection in Spectrum and Spurious displays. (Opt SVQP)
  • Bluetooth V5 measurements. (Opt SV31 with Opt SV27)
  • See Release Notes for full details


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RSA500A with Free SignalVu-PC: Standard Capabilities

Spectrum analyzer

  Spans from 100 Hz to 3.0 GHz to 7.5 GHz, 3 traces + math and spectrogram trace, 5 markers with power, relative power, integrated power, power density and dBc/Hz functions  

DPX Spectrum/Spectrogram

  Real time display of spectrum with 100% probability of intercept of 100 usec signals in up to 40 MHz span  

Swept DPX spectrum for unmatched spectrum measurements across the entire 3.0 GHz to 7.5 GHz frequency range


Amplitude, Frequency, Phase vs Time


Basic vector analysis functions


RF I and Q vs. Time


Basic vector analysis functions


Time Overview/Navigator


Enables easy setting of acquisition and analysis times for deep analysis in multiple domains




Analyze and re-analyze your signal in 2-D or 3-D waterfall display


AM, FM, PM analysis


Measures key AM, FM, PM parameters


AM/FM Listening


Hear and record to file FM and AM signals


Spurious Measurement


User-defined limit lines and regions provide automatic spectrum violation testing across the entire range of the instrument


Spectrum Emission Mask


User-set or standards-specific masks


Occupied Bandwidth


Measures 99% power, -xdB down points


Channel Power and ACLR


Variable channel and adjacent/alternate channel parameters




Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function plots the statistical variations in signal level



Upgrade RSA500A with More SignalVu-PC Applications
SignalVu-PC Option


General Purpose Modulation Analysis



WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p/n/ac measurements (includes options CON, SV23, SV24 and SV25)



Playback of recorded signal files



Signal Classification/Survey



AM/FM/PM/Direct Audio Analysis



Settling Time (Frequency and Phase) Measurement



General Purpose Modulation Analysis



Advanced Signal Analysis (including pulse measurements)



Flexible OFDM Analysis



WLAN 802.11a/b/g/j/p measurement application



WLAN 802.11n measurement application (requires Opt. SV23)



WLAN 802.11ac measurement application (requires Opt. SV24)



Mapping and Signal Strength (Requires SignalVu-PC SVE)



APCO P25 measurement application



Bluetooth Basic LE TX SIG measurements



LTE downlink (eNB) RF measurements



Bluetooth 5 measurements per Bluetooth SIG (requires SV27)



Signal survey and classification



EMI CISPR detectors



WiGig 802.11ad measurements (only for offline analysis)



DataVu-PC Software
DataVu-PC Record-Analysis Softrware for Realtime Spectrum Analysers

When combined with the signal recording capabilities of all Tektronix USB and PCIe-based spectrum analyzers, DataVu-PC can turn hours of attended monitoring into fast post-acquisition search, mark, and measurement tasks. Analyze your results without adding the extra step of conversion software.

  • Search based on signal amplitude characteristics, marking each event occurence for later examination
  • Make an unlimited number of Scalar pulse measurements with the eMarker application and export the results in Pulse Descriptor Word format for integration into other workflows.

  • Export results to in-depth analysis packages like SignalVu-PC from within DataVu-PC – without any additional conversion software.

Three bandwidth options make DataVu-PC the most affordable way to analyze large files from all Tektronix Spectrum Analysers.

Be In Two Places at Once

With DataVu-PC 3.11, you can now record any signal of interest. Use triggers to start recording and minimize storage requirements and automate your signal search with tools like frequency mask, pulse descriptor words and smart markers. Couple DataVu-PC with two Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers, and you can record and examine two independent frequencies and spans simultaneously. For example, if you’re searching for a specific signal, you can see a very wide bandwidth in one display and zoom in to see certain signals in another display.


  Download DataVu-PC_button_vibrantblue   DataVu-PC-datasheet-button-vibrantblue