Anritsu Access Master MT9083 Series

High Performance Portable OTDR





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All-in-one FTTx, CATV, LAN, Access, Metro and Long-Haul Networks OTDR

Until now, installing and maintaining optical networks required technicians to carry a variety of equipment which was not only cumbersome, but also expensive. Hearing this common complaint, Anritsu engineers have developed their new line of the ACCESS Master MT9083. The MT9083A2 test sets are designed to make your measurement experience simple and error-free with true one-button fault location, pass/fail classification, automated file saving and naming and even a macrobend detection feature for identifying installation issues. They feature multiple wavelengths and options to satisfy any network testing requirement: access or metro, FTTx or LAN...all without straining your budget.

For customers installing and maintaining metro area or core networks, the MT9082A2 offers an automated fiber construction application and multiple wavelengths including specialty applications.

Additional features include an integrated light source and power meter plus options to customize the unit including higher range power meters, visual fault locator (VFL) and connector inspection microscope to ensure complete network evaluation with a single tool.

*This device comes with Linux software. The customer has a right to obtain, modify and redistribute the source codes of this software. Please request from "Contact Us" at the top of this page. Please understand that we cannot respond to questions concerning the content of Linux source codes.



  • Ready to test in less than 15 seconds…and all day without recharging
  • Specialized testing modes simplify operation
  • High resolution and high dynamic range ensure thorough and complete fiber evaluation
  • Intelligent analysis software identifies problem splices, connectors and even macrobends
  • Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
  • Test up to four wavelengths with a single unit – single mode, multimode or both
  • ITU-T recommended 1650nm for in-service troubleshooting
  • Verify connector quality with optional connector inspection microscope
  • SCPI remote command support
  • Feature offering easy graphical summary & PDF reporting
  • Password protection feature for important file on-internal memory


  • Larger (7-inch), higher resolution (800 × 400) display with LED backlight
  • Longer battery operation time: Up to 12 hours
  • Wider operating temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Lighter — only 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)
  • New Fiber Visualizer feature offering easy graphical summary & PDF reporting
  • Password protection feature to prevent unit theft
  • Automated connector PASS/FAIL based on IEC 61300-3-35

Access Master MT9083
Specification Sheet

 MT9083 Access Master spec sheet


 Fiber Visualizer

"If the OTDR were invented today, it would look like Anritsu's Fiber Visualizer"

Anritsu's 'FIBER VISUALIZER' is a new fault location function designed to simplify the entire testing process. Fiber Visualizer automatically selects the testing parameters to ensure the correct setup and provides a simple graphical summary of the fiber under test within seconds. A comprehensive PDF report can then be customized and generated, completing the testing process.

And with Anritsu's Access Master OTDR, you get the best of both worlds - BOTH Fiber Visualizer and standard OTDR trace mode are included at no extra cost.



MT9083 Fiber Visualizer leaflet cover


This instructional video outlines Fiber Visualizer (a one-touch button designed to simplify optic fiber testing) software modes, preferences, test cases, error messages, saving reports, fiber troubleshooting and best practice for optical fiber connector cleaning.



Model Ports Mode Wavelength Dynamic Approx Distance
(Click for       Range (see note below) 
Details)     (nm) (dB) (km)
MT9083A2-073 1 SM 1310 39  
      1550 37.5 110-130
MT9083A2-055 1 SM 1310 38.7  
      1550 37 110-130
  2 SM filtered 1650 34.5

MT9083A2-057 1 SM 1310 37  
      1550 35.5 100-120
      1625 32.5  
 MT9083A2-063 SM 1310  39  
      1550  37.5 110-130
   MM 850 29  
      1300 28  
 MT9083B2-053  1 SM 1310  42  
      1550  41 120-140
 MT9083B2-055  1 SM 1310 42  
      1550 41 120-140
   2 SM filtered 1650  35  
 MT9083B2-056  1  SM 1310 42  
      1490 41  
      1550 41 120-140
MT9083B2-057 1 SM 1310 40  
      1550 39 110-130
      1625 38  
MT9083B2-058 1 SM 1310 42  
      1490 41  
      1550 41 120-140
      1625 40  
MT9083B2-063 1 SM 1310 42  
      1550 41 120-140
  2 MM 850 29  
      1300 28  
MT9083C2-053 1 SM 1310 46  
      1550 46 140-160
MT9083C2-057 1 SM 1310 46  
      1550 46 140-160
      1625 44  

NOTE:“Distance” above refers to the approximate fibre distance that can accurately be certified based on 0.2dB/km fibre loss @ 1550nm (0.22dB for 1625/1650 only OTDRs) & 0.1dB splices every 2km. Note too that for the same distance, test times reduce with dynamic range increase – roughly half the test time for every 2-3dB increase in dynamic range.




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