Asset Management Programs

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Want to fix your repair and calibration costs ?

Managing multiple service providers ?

Not extracting maxiumum efficiency out of your test equipment ?

Not entirely sure of your total costs ?

Vicoms asset management programs are designed to solve these problems.

Managing a fleet of test equipment is a time consuming task. The tasks include:
•    Monitoring and recalling equipment for calibration.
•    Organising calibration services.
•    Raising purchase orders and paying invoices.
•    Maintaining individual data for each piece of test equipment.
•    Maintaining individual unit service history for audits.
•    Checking the calibration and service reports of equipment upon its return.

Further aspects involve:
•    Monitoring costs at a fleet level. Does it make sense to repair, or use one from another location ?
•    Monitoring costs at a unit level. Is a unit reaching the end of its economic life ?
•    Monitoring of common reported faults. Is it a training issue ?

As the number of suppliers, end users, and locations multiply the process takes longer and gets more complicated.
With a tailored service, Vicom will manage all of the tasks associated with customers test equipment. Leading to improved efficiencies, and lower costs for customers through an organisation focused on their test equipment.

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