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51W_26294_5_1 Application Note
How to Minimise Probe Loading With Low Capacitance Probes

Tektronix, May 2017

Applicable Products:  MDO3000, MDO4000, 5-Series MSO, MSO/DPO5000
Topics:  Oscilloscope Probes
Application Note 51W_26294_5_1
65W_61045_0 Application Note
Overcoming Receiver Test Challenges in Gen4 I/O Applications

Tektronix, January 2017

Applicable Products:  Tektronix BSX Series Bertscopes
Topics:  Gen4 Serial I/O
Application Note 65W_61045_0
37W_60958_0 Application Note
Cable and Antenna Measurements Using Tektronix USB Spectrum Analyzers

Tektronics, November 2016

Applicable Products:  RSA500 SeriesRSA600 Series
Topics:  RF Design & Development, Wireless & RF
Application Note 37W_60958_0