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70W_61151_0 White Paper
Performance, size, reliability, affordability. Choose four
Tektronix, April 2017
Applicable Products:  TTR500 Series 
Topics:  Education, Research, Internet of Things - IoT
White Paper 70W_61151_0
37W_61081_0 White Paper
Overcoming RF Signal  Generation Challenges with New DAC Technologies
Tektronix, February 2017
Applicable Products:  AWG5200 Series 
Topics:  Complex RF Signal Generation
White Paper 37W_61081_0
37W_60983_0 White Paper
Overcoming RF Signal Generation Challenges in Quantum Computing with New DAC Technologies
Tektronix, January 2017
Applicable Products:  AWG5200 Series 
Topics:  Complex RF Signal Generation
White Paper 37W_60983_0
WP14-101 White Paper
Wanted: Reliable PNT for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Spectracom, November 2016
Applicable Products:  Geo-hNAV, Geo-iNAV, Geo-PNTVersaSync
Topics:  Positioning, Navigation & Timing
White Paper WP14-101
55W-55W-60767-0 White Paper
External Attenuators vs Internal Attenuators in Ultra-High Performance Oscilloscopes

Tektronix, May 2016

Applicable Products:  DPO70000SX
Topics:  Ultra-High Performance Oscilloscope Design
White Paper 55W-55W-60767-0
85W_60166_0_v White Paper
32 Gbits QPSK Transmission at 385 GHz

Tektronix, June 2015

Applicable Products:  AWG70000, OM5110, MSO/DPO70000DX
Topics:  Coherent Fibre Optics, THz Double Heterdyne Detection
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55W-29371-3_v White Paper
Techniques For Extending Real-Time Oscilloscope Bandwidth

Tektronix, March 2015

Applicable Products:  DPO70000SX
Topics:  Asynchronous Time Interleaving (ATI)
WP 55W-29371-3
1KW-30009-0_v White Paper
Getting back to the basics of Electrical Measurements

Tektronix (Keithley), December 2013

Applicable Products:  DMM
Topics:  DC Electrical Measurements
WP 1KW-30009-0
WP10-101 White Paper
GNSS Enhances Timing Applications

Spectracom, November 2013

Applicable Products:  
White Paper WP10-101
WP08-101 White Paper
What is a GPS Simulator?

Spectracom, May 2012

Applicable Products:  GSG-51, GSG-5GSG-6
Topics:  GPS/GNSS Simulation
White Paper WP08-101
whpvatecal01 White Paper
White Paper: Test Equipment Calibration

Vicom Australia, undated

Applicable Products:  
Topics:  Test Equipment Calibration
White Paper - Test Equipment Calibration