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76W_16672_7 Primer
XYZs of Signal Generators

Tektronix, July 2016

Applicable Products: Analog/Vector RF Signal Generators, Arbitrary Function GeneratorsArbitrary Waveform Generators
Topics:  Signal Generation
Primer 76W_16672_7
 85W_60918_0 Primer
 Introduction to VNA Basics

Tektronix, March 2017

 Applicable Products:  TTR500 Series
 Topics:  Vector Network Analysis
Primer 85W_60918_0
 37Z_22065_0 Primer
 Fundamentals of Radar Measurements

Tektronix, March 2013

 Applicable Products:  AWG70000 Series, AWG5200 SeriesRSA5000 SeriesRSA7100A Series
 Topics:  Radar Measurements
Primer 85W_60918_0