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    ARGUS 165      xDSL + GigE 

The comprehensive all-in-one solution: the new ARGUS 165 xDSL+GigE combi tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester, SHDSL tester) combines all standard broadband interfaces and fast Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with comprehensive Triple Play test functions in one measurement device. Without having to swap modules, the user can select or change the interface via the intuitive menu and perform tests at the press of a button. 


 argus162    ARGUS 162      ADSL + VDSL

The combi tester for latest turbo internet: The ARGUS 162 combines the capabilities of a tester for day-to-day installation with those of a tester for high-speed interfaces, such as GPON (FTTH) or VDSL Bonding ( ITU-T G.998.2). In addition, it is equipped with a powerful and versatile SFP slot (FTTx) and a copper-based Gigabit Ethernet interface which can, for example, provide a full ONT or xDSL modem simulation.

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       ARGUS 155 Triple Play + xDSL 

As a latest generation high-end combi tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester, SHDSL tester), the ARGUS 155 contains an extremely powerful ADSL/VDSL chipset that meets today’s demanding technical requirements. The ARGUS 155 is the only handheld tester and analyzer to integrate VDSL2 (all profiles), ADSL (Annex A, B, J, L, M) and SHDSL (2, 4 and 8 wire), Ethernet, ISDN PRI/E1, BRI/S/T/U and POTS interfaces in a single measurement device – without having to swap modules. 


 argus152     ARGUS 152      ADSL + VDSL Compact, lightweight and robust: The ARGUS 152 multifunction tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester) checks interfaces and services quickly and reliably – and at a very reasonable price! VDSL2, ADSL, Ethernet, ISDN (BRI S/T/U) and POTS, as well as the physical condition of the local loop, can be easily tested without having to swap modules.


 argus3unt      ARGUS 3u       ISDN BRI


The ARGUS 3u range provides all functions necessary for installing and maintaining BRI S/T and U, as well as POTS accesses. They test BRI S/T interfaces in TE, NT and leased line modes, including D channel monitoring and verifies BRI U and POTS interfaces in TE mode.

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