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8800SX Analog and Digital Radio Test Set

Combining high performance and portability, the 8800SX features P25 Phase II test capabilities, DMR Reapeater test and Auto-Test and Alignment scripts for mobile and portable .

Designed for bench and field test environments, the 8800SX is  equipped with a large color display and wide power-measurement range featuring RF signal analysis from -140 dBm to 500 W.  Additionally, the new radio test set offers advanced analog and digital analysis features. The 8800SX also provides easy-to-use  Auto-Test and Alignment applications. Field test technicians and  engineers will benefit from the 8800SX test set’s compact size,  2.5-hour internal battery operation (usable up to 4 hours), and 30 g functional shock rating (rated to MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 operation).



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3920B Series Analog and Digital Radio Test Platform

Newest in low phase noise RF signal generator technology

The 3920B is the newest radio test set introduced by Aeroflex. The 3920B features a new low phase noise RF signal generator in addition to the already advanced functionality available on the Aeroflex 3900 Series. The 3920B includes many standard features as well as a host of optional test capabilities and digital personalities.




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2945B Communications Service Monitor

A compact, lightweight and rugged instrument that allows laboratory standard measurements to be conducted in the field.

  • Rugged lightweight package
  • Full span spectrum analyzer with "live" look and listen
  • Tracking generator with full offset tracking
  • Accurate power measurement to 150W
  • 5W protection on all RF ports as standard
  • Color transflective superfast LCD with rapid refresh rate for easy monitoring and real time adjustment
  • 50 kHz DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope) with anti-aliasing
  • Transient and Harmonic analysis

LTR® Trunked Radio and Repeater Test Option Now Available
Option 18 provides the radio test professional with a cost effective solution for testing LTR repeaters and radios. Designed to provide LTR signaling and parametric analysis, this option provides the user with a simple interface found in other trunked test options for these service monitors, such as EDACS and MPT-1327.

When enabled with this option, the 2945B and 2948B provide complete analysis of the radio parameters including transmitter power, frequency error and modulation accuracy as well as receiver parameters including distortion and SINAD sensitivity measurements. Setting up LTR signaling on these service monitors is easy and provides the user with a quick means of verifying radio programming and operation before being released for use on a live system.

The 2945B Communications Service Monitor is the lightest, most rugged service monitor available with a full performance spectrum analyzer as standard. For field work the 2945B provides an excellent combination of instruments for all types of maintenance work. In the workshop, it provides all of the performance you would expect for exacting measurements.


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3550R Touch-screen Radio Test System

The 3550R is the first truly portable touch-screen radio communication test system.

The 3550R takes radio and repeater site testing to the next level with a quantum leap in an easy to use, integrated test system for complete radio receiver and transmitter performance testing, cable fault and antenna system analysis. With its ultra-responsive resistive touch-screen, the 3550R brings a whole new experience to RF testing.

  • Next generation touch-screen operation
  • Internal battery provides 4.5 hours of true portability on one charge
  • Super light magnesium alloy – 8.3 lbs/3.75 kg weight
  • Complete support for AM, FM, DMR, P25, NXDN™, dPMR and ARIB T98
  • Define your own test screens and then save for future use
  • 0º to 50º C operating range
  • 0.15 ppm timebase with exclusive "Freq-Flex" external flexible frequency reference





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RCTS-001 Test System

The RCTS-001 (AN/GRM-122) is the Radio Test System fielded for depot and field maintenance of SINCGARS military radio equipment.

When used in conjunction with an ON-373 B and ON-AVIM Maintenance Kit, the user has everything they need to perform testing, repair and maintenance on the entire suite of SINCGARS and other tactical radio equipment. The semi-automated, comprehensive test capability of this system has reduced the time needed for both operator training and radio testing. The result of these improvements is greater confidence in fielding tactical radio equipment. The system now has available radio reprogramming capability for software-based radios and CD-ROM capability for electronic tech manual support.

  • Ground and airborne radios
  • Loud speaker
  • RF PA
  • Remote Controls
  • Single Radio Mount
  • Vehicular Adaptors