Networks Test & Monitoring


 Networks Interface Devices (NIDs)

metronid MetroNID

MetroNID units help you to optimize and accelerate your services, protect your core network capacity, and deliver best-in-class QoS end-to-end. Whether they act as service creation device or as an SLA Assurance Demarcation, at gigabit Ethernet wire-speed, they illuminate dark-fibre networks with standards-based OAM, intelligent layer 1-4 loopback and in-service RFC-2544 performance testing without adding delay or delay variation to customer traffic.

 meronid gt  MetroNID GT Typical point-to-point links or hub and spoke networks have limited scalability and density. Accedian Networks’ MetroNID GT, with its ring networking capabilities, provides service providers with reliability, overcomes operational, management and performance limitations, eliminates points of failure, creates redundancy and ensures quality of service (QoS).




 NanoNID The NanoNID provides NID service performance management capabilities such as Remote Troubleshooting, Performance Measuring and Capacity Planning. With its small footprint, the NanoNID is ideal for locations that are limited in rack-space and/or power capacity.


Performance Assurance Solutions




MetroNode LT

The Accedian MetroNODE LT is a 10G high performance networking node. This ultra-compact Carrier Ethernet service creation and aggregation solution delivers unmatched low latency, high availability performance assurance capabilities, for today’s networking applications, such as mobile backhaul, Ethernet business services, wholesale services and cloud connectivity. This solution is purpose built for wire-speed performance and has high-port density with monitoring for mission critical services.


 metronode ge  MetroNode 10GE MetroNODE 10GE high performance service assurance nodes provide the most accurate, lowest delay, highest capacity service assurance capabilities. Leveraging Accedian’s ultra-low delay Fast-PAAs™ hardware-based core, the units feature wire-speed, high-density monitoring and advanced service creation capabilities seamlessly integrated into a reliable, compact and power efficient package.


Performance Monitoring Solutions


sevone_1 SevOne PAS The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (SevOne PAS) is the industry's fastest, most scalable and comprehensive data collection, monitoring, reporting and analysis solution available today. Each SevOne PAS is packaged as a full-featured integrated appliance capable of monitoring your network or IT Operations within minutes of installation. No additional software, hardware, or external databases are needed for the SevOne PAS to operate.
creanord3000   CreaNODE 3000


The carrier-grade CreaNODE 3000 Advanced Probe is a game changer. Not only is it highly accurate and powerful, providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 network monitoring with unparalleled scalability and reach, it's also simple to deploy and manage. The 3000 comes with future proof design facilitating inclusion of innovative "beyond usual suspects" capabilities through software upgrades. The CreaNODE 3000 provides cost-optimized monitoring of Mobile Backhaul and Business WAN, scaling beyond 10 000 flows or SLAs with 1 microsecond measurement resolution. This unique device makes it simple to assure four or more Classes of Service while monitoring thousands of sites with one single unit. 


Shenick TVM-R620/R420

For customers that want a turnkey TeraVM based test solution, Shenick offers the TVM-R620 and TVM-R420 appliances. Both products utilize off the shelf Dell PowerEdge 1U rack servers and come with TeraVM preloaded and preconfigured. TVM-R620 has four 10 GbE SFP test ports and is for customers that need a 10 GbE test bed. TVM-R420 has four GbE (RJ-45) test ports and is for customers that need a GbE test bed.