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Tek-Data&Fact Sheet

AFG2000 Series Arbitrary / Function Generator

Models in the AFG2000 Arbitrary / Function Generator Series


Analog Channels

Output Frequency

Record Length

Sample Rate

Vertical Resolution



20 MHz

128k points

250 MS/s

14 bit





1 uHz to 20 MHz frequency range

Covers most use cases for low end R&D, education, and ATE applications.

250 MS/s sample rate  and ±1ppm time base

Create precise, high fidelity signals with long term stability.

14 bit vertical resolution

Create complex waveforms with programmable voltage steps in the sub millivolt range.

3.5 inch color TFT display

The color display simultaneously shows waveforms parameters in text and graphical formats, giving you full confidence of your settings and allowing you to focus on your designs.

Innovative UI based on the popular AFG3000 design

Provides quick and easy access to both commonly used features and more complex waveform editing functions.

2U height and half rack width form factor

Ideal for both bench top and rack mount applications.


ArbExpress™  software

ArbExpress enables you to create and modify waveforms with ease.  Import waveforms seamlessly from your Tektronix oscilloscope or create them via the equation editor, free hand, point draw or waveform math tools.


SignalExpress™ software

SignalExpress provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface  for basic instrument control,  data logging, data analysis, measurement trending and documentation.


Standard 3 year warranty

Reduces the risk of line down situations and costly time to market delays.