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About EverBeing

Your Partner in Probing Solutions Since 1991

As a global supplier of probing solutions, EverBeing provides a complete range of probing hardware from A to Z. In partnership with Vicom, we are your one-stop shop for probing solutions!

We have complete probe stations, as well as semi-finished parts in stock at the factory. In addition, we have one of the widest range of probing systems accessories available including probing tips, tip holders, extension cables, triaxial/RF heads/adapters, micropositioners and microscopes. As a result, as soon as a customer order is received, EverBeing can rapidly configure, assemble and ship that order to Vicom and on to you.

With over 25 years experience, EverBeing and Vicom consultants cost-effectively materialize your idea. If you are unable to find the proper items from our standard product line, we will gladly tailor to your specific needs. In addition, we offer upgrades and services for existing probe stations of any brand and model.

Everbeing's founder and CEO - Mr PK Tan


Probing your market with innovative technology - a brief history of EverBeing


EverBeing Int'l corp. was founded in 1991. In the early years from 1993 to 1997, theyt represented American and Japanese manual probe station manufacturers for the semiconductor testing industry in the Taiwan market.

"One of the things we learnt from our customers during those years was their concern about the high price of probing hardware. In the end, we decided that we could do better by developing and manufacturing them ourselves and so our first product line was born - probing tips.

Through the support of the local university lab., we then had the opportunity to repair and modify other brands of probe station. With this experience and learning, we moved on to develop and manufacture our own probing stations and accessories."

   EverBeing_PK-TangPK Tang - Founder and Owner

In 1998, they developed and successfully manufactured the EB-700 and EB-050 micropositioners and then in 1999, proudly released their first probe station and hot chuck. In Semicon Taiwan 2000, they announced their expansion to serve the wider global market by setting up a sales and service network in China, Singapore and Korea.

In order to make more products for local and global customers, EverBeing rigorously developed the probe station for LCD, cryogenics and RF applications in 2001 and then continued their research and development program to further expand the range including:

  • Vibration Free Table

  • Mask Inspection Station

  • PCB Inspection Station

  • LCD/OLED Inspection Station

  • LCD Sheet Resistivity Station

  • Laser Repair Station

  • Used Microscope Upgrade from 4" to 6",8" or 12"

From this point on, EverBeing has gown to be amongst the market leaders in probing solutions that you see today



Probe Stations

EverBeing BD8 Wafer Probing Station Our probing stations range from cost-effective manual stations to semi-automatic thermal stations offering a complete line of high-performance probing solutions.


  • Wafer probing
  • LCD/OLED probing
  • RF Probing
  • LD/PD probing
  • Cryogenics probing
  • High Temperature probing
  • Double-sided probing
  • Sheet Resistivity probing
  • Hall Effect probing



EverBeing EB-050 Micropositioner EverBeing offers a range of backlash-free micropositioners for every operational and measurement solution.


  • EB-700 I/O Pad Electro-Optics micropositioner
  • EB-050 Circuit / RF micropositioner
  • EB-005 Sub-micron / RF micropositioner



EverBeing Probing Accessories Probing solutions require not only probe stations and micropositioners but, in fact, a full range of accessories to build each customised solution.


  • Probe tips
  • Tip holders
  • Tri-axial / coaxial cable assemblies
  • Tri-axial / BNC cable adapters


  • Other RF cables
  • RF Head / DC BIAS calibration substrate
  • Microscope and objective
  • Vacuum pump
  • Hot chuck
  • Sheet resistivity stand
  • Shielded box
  • Tester shell
  • Vibration-free table
  • Vibration-free tabletop



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