General Purpose



Digital Multimeters


Digital Multimeters

Feature-rich Tools for Precision Measurements. 

With a Tektronix & Keithley digital multimeter you can make voltage, current, resistance, frequency, period, capacitance and temperature measurements with confidence.





Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Battery Simulators, Electronic Loads

Tektronix, Keithley and ET System power supplies offer a wide range of performance.

Get single channel models with superior accuracy and 0.1mA current measurement resolution. New high voltage power supplies combine high voltage with sentitive, low current measurement for high voltage device testing and characterization and high voltage research.

5Vdc to 10kVdc, single or multi-channel, every DC power supply offers a wide voltage and current range, plus fine setting resolution so you can precisely generate the power you need to satisfy different applications.

ET System sources extend the high power end of the product range up to 1MW and add AC source capability.


  Model 2450 200V, 1A, 20W, SourceMeter SMU Instrument


Source Measure Units (SMUs)

Award-winning SMU instruments and systems designed to keep pace with your evolving test requirements.

Keithley's next-generation SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument that truly brings Ohm's law (current, voltage, and resistance) testing right to your fingertips. Its innovative graphical user interface (GUI) and advanced, capacitive touchscreen technology allow intuitive usage and minimize the learning curve to enable engineers and scientists to learn faster, work smarter, and invent easier.


PA1000 & PA3000

Power Analysers

Fully characterize your power-electronics design from input to output.

Designed for precision measurement of power-electronic circuits and device, these analyzers give you what you need to measure conversion efficiency and perform compliance testing on single-phase.



Data Acquisition

From simple and economical data loggers through to full featured data acquisition hardware and software we have the product for you.


  Model 2450 200V, 1A, 20W, SourceMeter SMU Instrument

Sensitive Electrical Measurements

Electrometers, picoammeters, and nanovoltmeters.

Scientists worldwide use our electrometer, pico-ammeter, nanovoltmeter and other sensitive measurement solutions in applications from nanotechnology and superconductivity research to temperature measurements and HALT-HASS characterization. Whether you need to make fast, low-noise measurements of femtoamps, nanovolts, or mega-ohms, you’ll find a cost-effective solution here.






Audio Analysers

The world's highest performance audio analyser.

Audio Precision audio analyzers provide more connectivity options with higher performance specifications than any other analyzer in the world. Every interface option is fully integrated into our software, eliminating uncertainty and inconvenience for faster test setup, unique measurement views and results trusted everywhere.

Audio Precision is dedicated to providing world-class support extending beyond the technical operation of our equipment.

      - Audio Precision is the recognized standard in audio test -

Or perhaps your budget is limited and your application less complex. In that case the Keithley Model 2015/2016 Audio Analyzing Digital Multimeters may be idea for you!