Probes and Accessories

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Tektronix probes and accessories are perfectly matched to our industry-leading oscilloscopes. With over 100 choices available, you will find the probe you need.

Low voltage differential probes

Low Voltage Differential Probes

  • Bandwidth up to 33 GHz Easily
    measure differential signals
  • Low input capacitance: down
    to < 0.3 pF
  • High common mode rejection
    ratio (CMRR)
  • Wide range of probe tips


High voltage differential probes

High Voltage Differential Probes

  • Dynamic range to ± 6000 B
  • Bandwidth up to 200 MHz
  • Most extensive set of probe





Current probes

Current Probes

  • Easy to use and accurate AC/
    DC current measurements
  • DC up to 2 GHz
  • Amplitude measurements from
    1 mA to 2,000 A
  • Split core and solid core

Passive probes

Passive Probes

  • Best-in-class bandwidth up to
    1 GHz
  • Best-in-class input
    capacitance as low as 3.9 pF
    which minimizes probe loading
  • Dynamic range to 300 V CAT II
  • Rugged and reliable
 Low voltage single-ended probes


Low Voltage Single-ended Probes

  • Bandwidth up to 4 GHz
  • True signal reproduction and
  • Low input capacitance: down
    to < 0.8 pF
  • Small compact probe heads
    for probing small


 High voltage sinle-ended probes


High Voltage Single-ended Probes

  • Bandwidth up to 800 MHz
  • Dynamic range to  2.5kV
  • Best-in-class probe loading with input capacitance as low
    as 1.8 pF




 Optical probes


  • Broad Wavelength Response
    500 to 950 nm or 1100 to
    1700 nm
  • High-bandwidth DC up to 1.2
  • High Gain 1 V/mW
  • Low Noise <11 pW/√Hz


 Probe carrying cases and accessories

Carrying Cases and Accessories

  • TekVPI Interface Adapter for
    TekProbe probes
  • Probe holders and positioners
  • Probe power supply
  • Soft- and hard-sided cases