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Vicom with VIAVI Solutions and Shineway Technologies

Whether your company is small or large, long established or a new start-up and no matter what your optical fibre installation or maintenance task, Vicom has the test tools for you. Our partnerships with VIAVI Solutions and Shineway Technologies bring together the world's leading optical fibre test equipment brands with the best of the lower cost brands.

There are times where the application, or perhaps budget constraints, present a dilemma - "I need top optical test equipment performance but my business case means I must look for a lower cost solution." The solution is Shineway Technologies optical test equipment from Vicom! ShinewayTech's full range of power meters, light sources and optical loss test sets have comprehensive feature sets, high reliability and the performance you need at a price you can afford.

VIAVI has been a major player in the Australian optical test equipment market for many years, and indeed the world optical test equipment market for over 25 years. They have an unsurpassed reputation for quality, reliability and ease-of-use which makes their products ideally suited to your application. Vicom’s partnership with VIAVI in Australia brings together VIAVI’s product leadership and with Vicom’s extensive optical test and measurement expertise – backed by local Australian repair and calibration support.




       Laser Sources

 SmartPocket V2 Series

SmartPocket V2
 Light Sources

The OLS-3xV2 are a range of small and rugged optical light sources (OLS) for quick, easy, and convenient field insertion loss measurement and continuity checks. SmartPocket V2 OLS are ideal tools to complement the OLP-3xV2 optical power meters for insertion loss and continuity testing in both single mode (SM) and multimode (MM) optical fiber networks. Robust and compact they fit perfectly in your pocket.




 OLS-85 Series

 Light Source

The SmartClass Fiber OLS-85 handheld light source is a professional, versatile, and compact instrument used for fibre-optic network qualification and certification. Its specific wavelength combinations make it optimal for link loss testing and long-haul, metro, and access telecommunication network characterization, as well as data center and local area network testing.

In addition to providing a full day of battery-operated field use, the SmartClass Fiber OLS-85 is perfect for fixed installations in central offices, production environments, and laboratory workbenches because it can operate via mains with remote-control capabilities via USB 2.0 and Ethernet.





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       Laser Sources



Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source


SLS-50 can generate highly stable optical signals at multiple wavelengths to precisely measure optical link loss and identify optical fiber paired with ShinewayTech OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter.

  • 6dB adjustable power output range
  • Automatic wavelength identification/switch
  • Remote reference value setting
  • FTTx applicable
  • USB power charging
  • No warm-up, quick start
  • Backlight
  • Over 40 hours continuous operation
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • CE, FCC, FDA certificates




 Entry-level Stabilized Laser Source

SLS-21 series Stabilized Laser Source paired with ShinewayTech optical power meters can meet the test requirements of fiber identification, attenuation/loss measurements, continuity verification and transmission quality evaluation on singlemode and multimode fibers in LAN/WAN/CATV systems, offering high quality, stability and competitive costs

  • Applicable on singlemode/multimode fibers
  • Unique Output Power Display
  • CW/MOD tones output
  • Quick response, no warm-up
  • Interchangeable connectors: FC/SC/ST
  • 9V alkaline battery/AC adapter
  • Power saving: Auto-off setting
  • Pocketsize, lightweight and damp-dust-shock proof
  • CE, FCC, FDA certificates





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       Visual Fault Locators / Visible Laser Pens



 Visible Laser Pen


Highly efficient pocket-size visual fault locator—the ideal complementary tool for any fibre-testing technician.

VLP5A and VLP5B are visual fault locating tools for detecting and highlighting breaks, tight bends, splices or defective connectors on optical fibres. They are perfect complementary and handy tools to OTDRs and loss test sets for their visual detecting method in close range such as in the OTDR deadzone and inhigh-fiber-count environments.

  • Pen-size & lightweight
  • No warm-up, fast start-up
  • Max detecting range ≥10km
  • Operation mode: CW/MOD
  • ±8KV ESD protection
  • CE certificates
  • Solid: Dust-shock proof