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Advanced optical fibre networks in telco networks or enterprise / data centre networks need precision fusion splicing and cleaving tools to meet their exacting performance requirements but those tools shouldn't break the bank!

For many years, the worldwide fusion splicer market has been dominated by three excellent manufactuers from Japan. There are times where the application, or perhaps budget constraints, present a dilemma - "I need top optical test equipment performance but my business case means I must look for a lower cost solution." The solution is Shineway Technologies optical test equipment from Vicom! Shineway's range of optical fibre splicers have comprehensive feature sets, high reliability and the performance you need at a price you can afford.


Shinewaytech logo OFS-95 Series Fusion Splicers




OFS-95S Automatic Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Strong Performance - Affordable Price!

The reliable fusion splicer for general purpose fibre optic construction

Shineway's OFS-95S fibre optic fusion splicer is designed as a highly flexible instrument with 6-motor precise micron level control and splice loss less than 0.02dB for G.652 fiber. Equipped with removable universal fibre holders (250μm/900μm/patchcord/FTTx indoor fibre etc.), SOC holder and internal thermometer / barometer, the OFS-95S can be deployed anywhere. Fast 5 sec startup, 9 sec splicing and automatic heating features provide an efficient tool for large volume splicing operations during fibre installation and maintenance.



OFS-95EA Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer

The ShinewayTech® OFS-95EA optical fiber fusion splicer features high-speed image processing technology and precision-positioning technology. It will automatically finish the whole fibre fusion process in 9 seconds in fast mode, with splice loss lower than 0.02dB for singlemode fibre. Its 3.5-inch LCD, dual CMOS monitors, X and Y axis separately or simultaneously display the different fusion stages. It is compatible with ITU-T SM/MM/DS/NZDS/ED fibre, and is equipped with 4-in-1 holders and SOC adapter.

The OFS-95EA is compact and light weight, with an AC/DC power supply giveing 200+splicing and heating circles, so it's particularly suited to telecommunications, radio and television, railway, electric power, military, research institutes for optical fiber communication construction and maintenance. The OFS-95EA is perfect for FTTH installation and maintenance.



OFS-95R Ribbon Fibre Fusion Splicer

The ShinewayTech® OFS-95R Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer uses high-speed image processing technology and high-precision V-groove precision positioning technology for fast automatic and high-quality fusion. The 5-inch LCD and dual CMOS monitors are perfectly matched, and the X-axis and Y-axis can be displayed simultaneously or separately. OFS-95R is suitable for the construction, maintenance and repair of ribbon cables. It supports multimode fiber (MMF / G.651), single mode fiber (SMF / G.652), dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF / G.653) and non-zero Dispersion-shifted fiber (NZ-DSF / G.655), bend-insensitive fiber (BIF / G.657) and other fibers.




OFC-10CT Optical Fibre Cleaver

The ShinewayTech® OFC-10CT is a traditional bench top cleaver, simple and easy to use. It is available with fiber scrap collection bin.



TS-2 Thermal Stripper

The ShinewayTech® TS-2 is compact and lightweight, is easy to use and reliable
The vertical stripping method uses small force and results in high quality quality stripping

  • Durable and easy to replace blade
  • Uses linear bearing guide and hot stripping methods to ensure no damage to the fibre,
  • easy and fast stripping of fibre coating.



Sumitomo Electric logo Type-72 Series Fusion Splicers

Sumitomo Electric is a leader in the development of the highest quality fusion splicing equipment and accessories that have and continue to advance fusion splicing technology.

Ultra-fast, ultra-reliable splicing - in every environment




Type-72C Single Fibre Direct Core Monitoring Fusion Splicer

  • 2.2kg with battery.
  • 300 splices & heat cycles per charge.
  • Dual independent ovens for maximum productivity.
  • 5 seconds per splice.
  • 9 seconds per heat shrink.
  • 45" Large Screen.





Type-72M12 Mass Ribbon Fusion Splicer

  • 12 C fibres
  • Dual independent ovens
  • 15 seconds per splice
  • 55 seconds per shrink
  • 2.1kg carry weight
  • Touch-driven Design
  • Easy to Learn
  • Multimedia Tutorials
  • 4.1" Large Screen. 





FC-6RM / FC-6RS Precision Automatic Blade Rotation Cleaver with Scrap Collector

  • Industry’s 1st and Only 1 to 12-Fiber Ribbon Cleaver with
       Automatic Blade Rotation
  • FC-6RM-C Includes Scrap Collector
  • Ideal Cleaver for High Volume Precision Cleaving Applications
       in Any Environment
  • Precision Blade Features 24 Blade Positions with 2,000
       Cleaves per Position
  • Compatible with All Sumitomo Electric Fusion Splicers
  • User Selectable Blade Rotation Options Include: Automatic
       Blade Rotation with Each Fiber Cleave,No Rotation, and
       Single Position Advance
  • 48,000 Consecutive Fiber Cleaves Without User Manually
       Rotating the Blade or Adjusting Height
  • Single Fiber, FC-6RS Model Available With or Without
       Scrap Collector
  • RoHS Compliant