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There are always those small but important tools and pieces of equipment that you need for the job to run smoothly - fibre identifiers, OTDR launch cables etc. If we don't have what you're looking for here, call us and let's see how we can help!


Optical Fibre Identifiers

OFI-20A Optical Fibre Identifier

Shinewaytech's OFI-20A Optical Fibre Identifier an detect optical signal presence, type and direction anywhere on fibres during optical network deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. With non-destructive macro-bend detection technology, it introduces no damage to tested fibre or interference to the service on fiber. OFI-20A is able to identify wide-spectrum signals (such as signals in CATV system) and can be used in SONET/SDH & DWDM systems tests.

  • Fibre types: 250μm, 900μm, 2mm/3mmjacketed fiber
  • Non-destructive detection
  • Indication of signal presence, strength and direction
  • CW/MOD tones detection
  • Buzzer indication
  • Handheld & sturdy
  • CE, FCC certificates





OFI-30A In-line Digital Optical Fibre Identifier

Shinewaytech's OFI-30A/AT can detect optical signal presence, type and direction anywhere on fibres during optical network deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. With non-destructive macro-bend detection technology, it doesn't damage the tested fiber or interfere with the service on the fibre.

The OFI-30A/AT Optical Fiber Identifier is an important tool for optical maintenance to detect signals on both SM and MM fibre. Meanwhile when combined with the OFI-30A/AT Optical Signal Generator to inject a low frequency signal onto the line, you can find a particular fibre without an existing modulation signal on the optical fibre.

OFI-30A series is able to identify wide-spectrum signals (such as signals in CATV system) and can be used in SONET/SDH & DWDM systems tests. It's ideal for working with complex optical patch panels.




TTK210 Live Fibre ID Test Kit

ODM's TTK 210 Live FibereTrace and Tone kit provides all of the necessary tools to allow the technician to identify available fibres in the F2 portion of the FTTx network. This trace technique provides identification without the disruption of existing subscribers for purposes of re-route or cutover.

To trace a specific fibre for cutover simply place a compatible light source into its 2kHz modulation mode and plug it on to the fiber. At the distribution hub place the LFI 110 onto the RP 450. Place the fibre under test into the LFI slot and depress the trigger to look for an active channel or the fibre with 2kHz designated for cutover. When the correct fibre is traced the RP 450 will provide an audible tone identifying the fibre for cutover. The LFI 110 is designed to place a controlled loss onto the fibre to prevent an alarm condition on an active channel.

The TTK 210 Trace and Tone test kit comes supplied in a field rugged hard carry case and includes a SC to SC patch cord.




OFI-50A Optical Cable Identifier

Shinewaytech's OFI–50A uses optical fibere sensing principles to confirm the target fibre. Maintenance personel can quickly and simply identify deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cables without causing damage to the fibre. Users gently knock on each cable in turn and, when they knock on the target cable, the user can clearly hear the knock in the OFI-50 earphone - thus accurately identifying the target cable. Simplicity itself!

The OFI–50A is real one-key operation; handheld, easy to carry, 3.5' color screen real-time waveform combined with the headset real-time audio, with 3 kinds of recognition percussion method. Quickly and accurately identifies the measured cable.

The OFI-50A is an essential tool for optical fibre maintenance technician's toolkit.



 Optical Talk Sets

OTS-20 Optical Talk Set

Shinewaytech's OTS-20 Multifunction Optical Talk Set enables clear and long distance telephony on single optical fiber. Featuring integrated laser source and optical power meter for loss test functionality, the OTS-20 is a reliable toolset for tough environments.

  • Fully-duplex, digital, three party, talk set
  • 1310nm, 40dB, 110km or 1150nm, 40dB, 160km 
  • In-built stabilized Laser Source: 1310nm, -5dBm, 2KHz
  • Full duplex numeral pronunciation correspondence function
  • High quality conversation and low background noise
  • Online display and online call
  • Large LCD screen
  • Seven colors background light
  • Low power alarm


  • Telecommunication project maintenance
  • CATV project maintenance
  • Data network project maintenance
  • Other optical fiber projects
  • Optical communication teaching and research



OTDR Launch Leads

Series 3 Dead Zone Eliminator

The DZE® OTDR Launch Cable is designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR to help minimize the effects of the OTDR's launch pulse on measurement uncertainty. Using a DZE® launch cable at the beginning of the fiber under test and a DZE® receive cable at the end of the fiber under test allows the ability to perform loss measurments on entire length of the fiber.

Features / Benefits

  • Use as a Pulse Suppressor, OTDR Launch Box, Delay Line, Product Demonostrations, Training, Calibration.
  • Solid internal housing protects spool and leads
  • Leads wrap in the same direction for quick, easy access and storage
  • Carabiner Clip included allows unit to be attached to equipment straps, belts and rack mounts
  • Light weight, easy to carry, small/low profile design portable for field use
  • Measures only 6.25" x 1.25"
  • Singlemode 9/125, Multimode 62.5/125, Multimode 50/125 OM2 and Multimode 50/125 OM3
  • Custom length configurations available



Optical Fibre Couplers

FC-20 Fibre Coupler

For Non-Invasive Bi-directional Coupling into 250 micron coated singlemode fibres.
* Coupling Efficiency: 22dB @ 1310nm, 17dB @ 1550nm, 17dB @ 1625nm
* Insertion Loss: 6dB @ 1310/1550nm, 8dB @ 1625nm
* Back reflection on tapped fibre: < -60dB
* Connector: Specify FC, SC, SCA, LC



Optical Attenuators

OVA-50 Intelligent Optical Variable Attenuator

Shinewaytech's OVA-50 Optical Variable Attenuator precisely attenuates optical signals at 1310/1490/1550/1625nm wavelengths and directly outputs defined stabilized optical signals. Other optical attenuators only introduce and display an attenuation value and you then need a separate power meter to measure or adjust the output power value of the attenuated optical signal.

With it's combination of attenuator and power meter, the OVA-50 Output Power Control mode enables automatic setting of a precise, stabilized optical power level regardless of variations in input power.


  • Network/BER testing
  • Power meter calibration
  • Link loss simulation
  • Optical margin analysis
  • Direct Output Power Control