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About Domo Tactical Communications

Our History

DTC was formed in 2016 when Marlin Equity Partners, a leading private equity firm, based in California, acquired the Tactical Communications and Surveillance division from the British company Cobham Plc.
The DTC group consists of Domo, Micromill, Spectronic and Corp Ten International divided into five value streams with an emphasis on their strong historic brands, coming together once again to create a cohesive surveillance and broadcast product portfolio. Backed by an award winning engineering team, DTCs trusted technology is at the heart of everything we do.
DTC has a global reach, with regional offices based in the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark and Singapore.


Leading the way

DTC is a global technology leader and our passion for innovation keeps us one step ahead in the rapidly changing and increasingly challenging environments we perform in, whether on the battlefield, the streets of our cities or the world’s largest sporting events. High performance overt and covert surveillance, communications and broadcast systems enable our customers to securely detect, monitor, communicate and share information with confidence in complex environments. With integrated solutions across our Wireless Video and IP, Cellular, Covert Audio and Video and C2 Systems, DTC can provide professional security networks that protect your people and your infrastructure in some of the world’s most demanding environments, keeping you in touch with what matters, no matter how demanding the situation.


Engineering the future

Our award winning in-house engineering teams are one of the cornerstones of our business. Our attitude to quality is reflected throughout the company, from production processes to the attitude of the individual employee. With more than 30 years of experience in surveillance, DTC recognizes that for some customers, basic standards are not enough and that they require industry specific enhancements. These enhancements are specifically developed to ensure the customer's requirements are always fulfilled and they therefore have the right tools to complete their operation


Worldwide customized solutions

With our customers located in more than 140 countries, DTC realises that offering tailor made solutions is the key to our continued success. We are dedicated to providing our global customer base with surveillance solutions that can be tailored to their individual needs across our full product portfolio.
DTC combine its cutting-edge technology with system integration expertise to offer customised solutions, for new and growing surveillance and situational awareness challenges in areas such as, Border Force, Customs and Excise, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Commercial Security, Oil and Gas, Mining and Asset Protection.


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For further product information refer to the DTC website http://www.domotactical.com