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The VIAVI OneAdvisor-800 is designed to meet the evolving needs of network operators, field technicians and contractors as they deploy fibre-fed infrastructure for DAS, LMR, LTE and 5G. OneAdvisor-800 allows cell site technicians to test fibre RF, and CPRI/Ethernet from a single instrument, replacing multiple independent tools (OTDR, CAA, Fibre Scope) and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

The instrument’s workflow user interface carefully guides technicians through a pre-configured common test process, making sure that technicians complete the job in the same way and to the same specifications. With OneAdvisor-800, tower hands get built-in guidance, automatic test configuration, pass/fail results, and a single closeout report every time, at every site.

OneAdvisor helps you get in, get out, get paid!


OneAdvisor-800 Key Benefits

  • Improved tool efficiency. Replaces multiple independent tools (i.e. OTDR, CAA, Fibre scope, etc).

  • Broad coverage. Covers all radios types (LTE and 5G) and topologies (Macro-cell, Small-cell, C-RAN, and/or DAS)

  • Scalable. As a team’s test responsibility grows, so can the OneAdvisor platform with modular test components




Radio Access Verification with the OneAdvisor-800

OneAdvisor design is based on a multi-functional architecture, covering different test applications, scaling and adapting to different user’s groups, including among others:

  • Radio construction, covering all test aspects of the transmission lines of any cell site, validating coaxial cable, antennas, as well as fibre characterization and inspection.

  • Radio operation, covering radio’s transmission verification according to 3GPP standards, maintenance practices assessing radio’s power level and coverage, as well as the ability to identify and locate interference impairments.

Key test functions include:
  • Cable and antenna reflection tests, distance to fault and cable loss

  • Fibre inspection and fibre validation including OTDR testing

  • Real-time persistence spectrum for 5G FR1 (9KHz to 6GHz)

  • Spectrum analysis with gated sweep for interference analysis in LTE or 5G TDD signals

  • RFoCPRI interference analysis to effectively characterize interfering signals as received by the radio

  • Over-the-Air RF spectrogram testing and logging capability to effectively characterize intermittent interference signals

  • Automatic Interference location when is paired with VIAVI’s InterferenceAdvisor

  • Interference finding with triangulation when is paired with VIAVI’s AntennaAdvsior

  • Spectrum route map, validating radio’s coverage and signal propagation


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 VIAVI OneAdvisor Fibre Validation

OneAdvisor Fibre Validation

OneAdvisor RealTime Persistance Spectrum

OneAdvisor RealTime Persistance Spectrum
OneAdvisor RFoCPRI Interference Analysis
OneAdvisor RFoCPRI Interference Analysis


OneAdvisor-800 Test Automation Benefits

  • Greater accuracy. Complete test plans exactly to the specifications of the service provider with precise measurements.

  • Consistency. Test processes and workflows are defined centrally and “pushed” to test instruments, eliminating the variability of manual procedures and drives consistent, repeatable results, regardless of technician skill or experience level.

  • Lower Training Costs. Training focus shifts to the test process itself, which is faster and easier to learn, rather than on technical information that is generally time-consuming and overwhelming for new technicians.

  • Speed. Job Manager eliminates wasted technician time trying to remember which tests to run and how to run them.


Fibre Inspection

The most common cause of signal impairment in an optical system is a dirty connector or end-face, which can get contaminated very easily at a windy, outdoor cell site. Therefore, the first step in achieving acceptable insertion- and return-loss measurements is by inspecting end-faces with a fibre microscope.


There are multiple VIAVI microscopes that integrate with the OneAdvisor-800, including the P5000i. The P5000i connects to the ONA-800 with a simple USB connection, and makes certifying that every connection in your mobile network is clear fast and easy. 


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Fibre optic Testing - OTDR 

Fibre is the foundation of the 5G infrastructure and must be tested to ensure its readiness to transmit huge data loads.

Historically, testing fibre with an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) was expensive and complicated.

With the VIAVI OTDR module that pairs with the OneAdvisor-800, fibre testing the network at cell-sites is now simple, fast, and cost-effective.

  OTDR testing

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Sweep Test - Cable & Antenna Analyser (CAA) 

Most problems in mobile networks occur in cell site infrastructure: antennas, cables, amplifiers, filters, connectors, combiners, jumpers, etc.

The Cable and Antenna Analyzer module, in combination with the OneAdvisor-800, guides a technician through a sweep test that confirms system integration and antenna performance. The user-friendly GUI with intuitive pass/fail results instantly identifies problems enables a technician to easily determine if the performed installation meets the required performance specifications.

  Cable & Antenna sweep testing

 CAA Modules Datasheet



CAA Modules Datasheet 




EMF Analyser 

Mobile service providers must continuously perform radiation measurements to ensure compliance as well as the personal safety of employees and customers. OneAdvisor-800’s EMF Analyzer performs simple and accurate radiation and emissions measurements.

Fast evolution of wireless technology accelerates the densification of wireless network in line with the increasing demand for higher data throughput. The evolution of cellular networks and proliferation of transmitters, is significantly increasing human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

VIAVI has been adopted by major mobile operators due to its comprehensive measurement capabilities of the radio access network including the operation and performance of cell sites and the radiofrequency (RF) environment including interference and EMF analysis.

OneAdvisor-EMF analyzer option detects RF field strength and EMF using an isotropic antenna performing simple and accurate radiation emissions measurements on site with clear PASS/FAIL indication based on the radiation levels compared to the permissible limits.

Conjunction with 5G NR Beam Analysis capability, OneAdvisor-EMF Analyzer also support code-centric EMF measurement that shows the EMF power of multiple beams of Multiple PCI including extrapolation using full matching factor.


EMF Analyser Datasheet




EMF Analyser Brochure 

  EMF Analyser