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SmartClass Fiber MPOLx

 VIAVI SmartClass Fiber MPOLx MPO Lost Test Sets

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MPO Optical Loss Test Sets

First Dedicated Tier 1 (Basic) MPO Certification Solution

The VIAVI Solutions SmartClass Fiber MPOLx is the industry’s first dedicated optical loss test set that can perform all the test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification using MPO fiber connectivity.




The MPOLx provides a source and power meter that integrate essential test capabilities together to ensure a fast and reliable workflow when testing and certifying network links with native MPO connectivity.

With the MPOLx, field technicians can perform all the necessary test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification in a single solution:

  • Measure MPO length

  • Measure optical loss

  • Check polarity

  • Inspect fibre end faces

  • Generate certification reports

Drive best test practices by integrating essential functions together with the MPOLx and help technicians finish jobs faster by optimizing their workflow.



The MPOLx gives technicians the ability to achieve a completely new level of productivity for testing and certification. Like all VIAVI solutions for Tier 1 (Basic) fibere certification, identical local and remote units are provided to enable full visibility and control by performing tests from both the Light Source and Power Meter. All devices feature a 3.5” color touch screen and integrated inspection for both bulkhead and trunk connectors. The MPOLx allows a single technician to inspect MPO end faces and perform tests from either end of the connection, reducing walking back and forth between the two units.

The MPOLx ensures fast workflows by delivering comprehensive test results in less than 6 seconds for all 12 fibres of the connector providing color coded pass/fail test results, test limit, fibre length, test wavelengths, loss values, margins, and polarity results for each fibre.


  • Fast and reliable test and certification workflow

  • Full visibility and control at both the source and power meter

  • Scalable.Complete multi-fiber push on end face inspection and analysis at both ends.
  • Scalable.Integrates with FiberChekPRO



Key Features

  • Measures length

  • Measures optical loss at multiple wavelengths

  • Checks polarity for all 12 MPO fibers

  • Provides native MPO testing directly on devices

  • Delivers test results for all 12 MPO fibers in <6 seconds

  • Provides native MPO end-face inspection and automated analysis for both trunk cables and bulkheads

  • Dual wavelength optical light sources

  • Encircled flux compliant

  • Consistency.3.5” color touch screen interface on all MPOLx devices

  • Generate certification reports

  • All-day battery life



Test Results Summary

Test Results Summary


Individual Results - Polarity View

Individual Results - Polarity View


MPOLx Quick Tip How-to Videos


Integrated patch cord microscope

Learn how to quickly inspect your MPO fiber end faces with the integrated patchcord microscope workflow.

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Setting up a length-loss test

Learn how to set up a Tier 1 MPO fibre Test.

 Essentials of Multi-Fibre MPO Testing - 2. Dealing with Contamination on MPO Connectors - Play


Performing a length-loss test

Learn how to perform a Tier 1 MPO fibre Test and save results.

 VIAVI MPOLx How To Videos - Performing a length-loss test - Play




Working with Multi-fibre MPO Connectors


Multi-fibre Push On (MPO) connectors increase your data capacity with a highly efficient use of space and are becoming prevalent in many areas of communications.

But users have faced challenges such as extra complexities and time required for testing and troubleshooting multi-fibre networks.

VIAVI helps overcome these challenges with the industry's most complete portfolio of test and inspection solutions for MPO connectivity and some easy to use “How-To“ guides.


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