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MTS-2000 Handheld Modular Test Set / OTDR

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Hands-free test set for the installation, turn-up and maintenance of fibre optic networks.

VIAVI MTS-2000 Handheld Modular Test Platform

Once you've read about the MTS-2000 below, why not click on the Vicom OTDR Selection Guide and find out which models are ideal for YOUR applications?

Vicom OTDR Selection Guide

Fibre Optic Multitest Tool for Smarter, Faster Field Testing!

Costs, workflow, quality, network performance, and customer experience are critical for the success of today’s fibre optic networks. Selecting the right test tools has become key toward meeting these needs. The VIAVI Solutions™ MTS-2000 is a handheld multi-test platform that provides field technicians with a single handheld unit to install, turn-up and maintain these networks to the highest standards.



Purpose-Built for Technicians

The MTS-2000s innovative design and hands-free bag ensure that all essential fibre test tools are close at hand, whatever the job or location. A large color screen with graphical user interface drives simple operation and optimal workflow in the field.

Compact but Capable

Test capabilities include a range of OTDR modules for multimode and single-mode testing, including CWDM & DWDM OTDR, as well as a range of FiberComplete™ modules for automated insertion loss/optical return Loss (IL/ORL), OTDR and fault finding. Both OTDR and FiberComplete modules are passive optical network (PON) optimized. The unit is also ready for connector end face pass/fail analysis to IEC standards with a digital analysis microscope.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure the highest-quality connectorizing,splicing, and turn-up of new fibre links
  • Improve workflow with hands-free solution, driving best practices to IEC standards
  • Smarter and faster field testing with simple setup and instantaneous pass/fail results
  • Boost productivity with improved report generation and flexible connectivity
  • Decrease OpEx and increase field productivity when combined with StrataSync™ & CerTiFi

Key Features

  • High-visibility touch-screen display
  • Wide range of field installable OTDR modules including QUAD and PON
  • Optional built-in optical power meter, visual fault locator (VFL), and optical talk set
  • High resolution, 4.3 in. widescreen color display - easy to read indoors or out
  • Flexible connectivity with Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth®, and WiFi capabilities
  • Smart Access Anywhere (SAA) for remote control & field tech support
  • StrataSync enabled — centralized cloud based asset, configuration, test data and workflow management

Specification Sheet

 VIAVI MTS-2000 OTDR spec sheet


 Smart Link Mapper

"If the OTDR were invented today, it would look like VIAVI's Smart Link Mapper"

The SLM intelligent optical software application helps technicians use an OTDR more effectively, without the need to understand or interpret OTDR results. Each event is displayed as an icon giving users a schematic view of the entire link, known as SmartLink. SLM can completely correlate to the original OTDR trace as experts desire. With this common approach to simplify OTDR testing and streamline the procedures, four tailored SLM OTDR applications are available for different network types. For more details about each of the applications (Enterprise-SLM, FTTA-SLM, FTTH-SLM and Cable-SLM), visit the Options tab above page.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates OTDR results interpretation complexity Immediately diagnoses problems
  • Reduces human error
  • Improves OTDR testing time and reliability
  • Reduces truck rolls, re-test, and cable waste
  • Dedicated apps focused for Enterprise, high density fiber Cable, FTTA and Passive Optical Network (PON) / FTTH

Key Features

  • Directly correlates SmartLink view results and OTDR trace
  • Automatic pass/fail results
  • Eliminates the need for OTDR expertise
  • Compatible with all multimode/single-mode and OTDR modules
  • Upgradable on site

Smart Link Mapper

VIAVI Smart Link Mapper brochure

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Models In The Series

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Port #




Dynamic Range

Approx Distance
see note below

EM2000HVT-KIT1 1 MM 850/1300 26/24  









EM2000HVT-KIT3 1  SM 1310/1550 35/33 100-120 
EM2000HVT-KIT4 1 SM 1310/1550 40/40 120-140 
EM2000HVT-KIT5 1 SM 1310/1550 43/41 120-140 
EM2000HVT-KIT6 1 SM 1310/1550/1625 46/45/44 130-150 

NOTE: “Distance” above refers to the approximate fibre distance that can accurately be certified based on 0.2dB/km fibre loss @ 1550nm (0.22dB for 1625/1650 only OTDRs) & 0.1dB splices every 2km. Note too that for the same distance, test times reduce with dynamic range increase – roughly half the test time for every 2-3dB increase in dynamic range.


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