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Performance Critical Wireless Network Design, Testing, and Optimization


PCTEL RF Solutions develops and provides performance critical test equipment, software, and engineering services for wireless networks. The industry relies upon PCTEL to benchmark network performance, analyze trends, and optimize wireless networks. Our highly-trained engineering services team uses state-of-the-art test, measurement, and design tools to provide engineering services for in-building and outdoor networks. Our commitment to quality, value, and customer service has made PCTEL RF Solutions a trusted vendor for operators worldwide.

SeeGull® Scanning Receivers | High Performance Wireless Network Measurement


PCTel SeeGull MXflex.png

      PCTel SeeGull MXflex spec sheet

Spec Sheet

SeeGull MXflex Scanning Receiver



The SeeGull® MXflex® empowers engineers to collect complete data with one scanner in a single test. PCTEL’s most advanced scanning receiver, the MXflex has the power and flexibility to accurately test today’s complex wireless networks. It combines the concurrent data collection of the SeeGull MX with the flexible configuration of PCTEL’s innovative flex line. The scanner features software definable, field-upgradeable support of frequency bands from 130 MHz to 6 GHz. The MXflex’s design includes a modular front end and parallel high performance signal processing engines. This enables it to acquire, process, and report data from all 3GPP defined RF bands across all major technologies at the same time. Multiple technology and band concurrency allows it to maintain full speed and accuracy while measuring complex networks, for high resolution data density when compared to other scanning receivers. Its enhanced measurements, including evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS) and 4x4 MIMO, can be used to improve coverage and capacity, maximize customer satisfaction, and increase long-term revenue potential. No extra test runs or additional scanning receivers are required.


  • Reduce project expenses by collecting all the necessary data in less time
  • Visualize network performance easily with a high-density view of the network
  • Maximize LTE throughput with 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO
  • Simplify setup by discovering all active channels using Blind Scan
  • Increase ROI with multiple applications, including benchmarking, baseline and CW testing, spectrum analysis, and network optimization
  • Enhance signal quality by identifying interference when combined with SeeWave®
  • Covered by PCTEL’s industry-leading 5 year limited warranty
PCTel SeeGull IBflex

  PCTel SeeGull IBflex spec sheet

Spec sheet

SeeGull IBflex Scanning Receiver


The SeeGull® IBflex® scanning receiver is designed for in-building and small cell testing. Quickly identify and solve problems that hinder network performance using IBflex’s comprehensive testing capability. Conduct walk tests more efficiently with its array of features tailored for indoor use. The scanner features software definable, field-upgradeable support of frequency bands from 570 MHz to 3.8 GHz. Its enhanced measurements, including Wi-Fi and evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS), can be used to improve coverage and capacity, maximize customer satisfaction, and increase the long-term revenue potential of in-building wireless networks. While the design and features set of the IBflex are geared towards indoor walk tests, the scanner is fully functional for outdoor or drive test needs without compromising performance and accuracy.


  • Improve in-building testing productivityReduce user fatigue during walk testing for DAS and small cell deployment with lightweight scanning receiver in a small form factor
    • Test multi-operator networks across all major wireless technologies, plus Wi-Fi
    • Low power consumption and hot swap battery system
  • Maximize LTE throughput with Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) LTE scanner measurements
  • Signal Analyzer option adds functionality of a traditional spectrum analyzer
  • OS support for Windows® laptop and Android™ tablet or UE to collect RF data based on specific needs
  • Control and manage the scanner with flexible connectivity using Bluetooth® or USB
  • Store data easily across multiple devices
  • Accurate CDMA/EV-DO measurements with GPS holdover
  • Covered by PCTEL’s industry-leading 5 year limited warranty
  PCTel SeeGull EXflex


 PCTel SeeGull EXflex spec sheetSpec Sheet

SeeGull EXflex Scanning Receiver


The SeeGull® EXflex® combines the flexibility to test mobile networks on frequency bands from 150 MHz to 6 GHz with the proven performance and reliability of the SeeGull EX platform. It supports most major wireless technologies used around the world in a single unit. Unlike some competitive offerings which require additional hardware modules, the EXflex adds bands and technologies with a simple field upgrade. The EXflex combines cutting-edge performance and competitive pricing with a five-year standard warranty, with optional Pay-Per-Use licensing to maximize value and flexibility.


  • Increase productivity with multi-technology, multi-band scanning
  • Future-proof investment: band range from 150 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Proven high dynamic range for expanded signal detection
  • Advanced analysis of LTE resource blocks and subbands
  • Reduce complexity by eliminating the need for separate modules
  • Improve in-building testing productivity
    • Test Multi-Operator Networks with One Unit
    • Accurate CDMA/EV-DO Measurements with GPS Holdover
    • Low Power Consumption Maximizes Battery Life
    • Covered by PCTEL’s industry-leading 5 year limited warranty

SeeGull® CW Transmitter


PCTel SeeGull CW Transmitter

 PCTel SeeGull CW Transmitter spec sheet

Spec Sheet

SeeGull CW Transmitter

The SeeGull® CW Transmitter supports the design, verification, and optimization of in-building networks. Complex propogation environments with multiple technologies and bands create challenges for in-building deployments. The SeeGull CW Transmitter mimics these complex environments, so that coverage and interference problems can be solved before deployment.

The SeeGull CW Transmitter emits up to four simultaneous continuous wave signals with a frequency range of 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz. This replicates a wide range of live network environments for RF propagation testing.

Data can be collected through a PCTEL scanning receiver and processed using SeeHawk® Touch, SeeHawk® Collect, or third-party tools. The results can be used to validate or modify a design with optimal antenna locations and coverage capability for each segment of an in-building cellular network.


SeeHawk Engage™ | Mobile Network Performance Testing Tools



PCTel SeeHawk Engage

 PCTel SeeHawk Engage brochure


SeeHawk Engage

SeeHawk Engage™ is PCTEL's family of UE-based mobile network performance test and engineering tools. SeeHawk Engage uses standard commercial UEs instead of modified custom test devices, so you will see the network exactly as your customers see it.

In addition to the flagship product, the SeeHawk Engage family includes SeeHawk Engage+™, SeeHawk™ Studio, and SeeHawk Engage Lite. SeeHawk Engage is a full-featured Android-based tool for drive testing and walk testing using a single smartphone or tablet. SeeHawk Engage+ allows engineers to deploy multiple UEs and manage them from a single Android device. SeeHawk Studio is a computer-based tool for multi-device drive testing, data visualization, and post-processing. SeeHawk Engage Lite provides application-based user experience testing and can be installed on any commercial Android device.

SeeHawk Engage, SeeHawk Engage+, and SeeHawk Studio also support PCTEL's SeeGull® IBflex® scanning receivers for accurate, detailed RF measurements. 

SeeHawk's industry-leading pooled licensing system permits sharing of software licenses across multiple locations. Engineers can also control and manage SeeHawk Engage-enabled UE devices remotely and store Engage data in the cloud.

The SeeHawk Engage Advantage

  • Fully automated updates via the cloud ensure that your software is always up to date.
  • Supports most popular off-the-shelf phones and tablets.
  • Remote configuration via the cloud allows easy control of your SeeHawk test tool fleet.
  • Log file storage and export in the cloud allows you to make the most out of your data.


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