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TekBox with its two locations in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City developes and manufactures products for EMI / EMC RF signal hunting and pre-compliance testing in addition to it's environmental monitoring and agricultural yield applications solutions. They also carry out hardware and firmware development services to the quickly growing GPS, GSM and M2M market. Another key focus area of our design activities is LED based automotive lighting. Their services cover the complete product development process - specification, hardware design, firmware design, industrial design, prototyping, field testing and production support. With in-house assembly capabilities and an established network of partners for industrial design, tooling and volume manufacturing, they can considerably reduce your time to market.

One of the key components for an in-house EMC compliance test set up is a realtime spectrum analyzer. Realtime spectrum analyzers have significantly dropped in price over the last years. High performance USB models already start at approximately US$4.5k. However, the price of the remaining equipment required for pre-compliance testing is still high - until now! In the laboratory of Tekbox, various EMC pre-compliance accessories were built over the years for the purpose of in-house testing of their other products. It significantly reduced their failure rate. Consequently they decided to industrialize their tools and to offer them at a very competitive price. With Tekbox products, EMC pre-compliance testing has become affordable for any company. A complete pre-compliance set up may cost less than repeating a failed EMC test at the test house.



  • EMC Probes

  • EMC Probe Wideband Amplifers

  • Wideband Driver Ampliers

  • Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks (AC & DC)

  • Wideband Driver Ampliers

  • Self Powered Electronic Load

  • TEM Cells



For further product information refer to the TekBox website www.tekbox.com