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5-Series MSO Low Profile data sheet

MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

This changes everything!



The most channels, the largest display, the greatest experience - the scope that all other scopes will be measured by

With a remarkably innovative pinch-swipe-zoom touchscreen interface, the industry's largest high-definition display, and 4, 6, or 8 FlexChannelTM inputs that let you measure one analog or 8 digital signals, the 5-Series MSO is ready for today's toughest challenges, and tomorrow's too. It sets a new standard for performance, analysis and overall user experience.


Product Review

Hear what 'The Signal Path' has to say:
"TSP Short #12 - Overview of the Tektronix MSO58 8-Channel 6.25GS/s 2GHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope"


MSO_5-Series_touchscreen_ animation

See it in action

More than just a new display and user interface. A new Standard

Get the big picture and take control, wit the 15.6" HD touchscreen display. Use the capacitive pinch-zoom-swipe touchscreen, front panel controls or mouse to analyse, and manage muliple signals without fighting through menus.

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Product Flyer


Don't run out of channels

Available with 4, 6 or 8 FlexChannel inputs. Each can be used to look at 1 high-resolution analog waveform or look at 8 digital logic waveforms just be changing the probe.

MSO 5-Series FlexChannel app thumb
 Learn how to expand visibiity with FlexChannel 


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MSO 5-Series 16-bit resolution display

Let no detail go unseen, with up to 16 bits of vertical resolution.

B12-bit analog to digital converters deliver up to 16 bit of vertical resolution using advanced digital signal processing. See and measure small signal details, even if they're riding on large signals.


The core of the new 5 Series MSO - the T49 ASIC

The Tek49 is a Tektronix proprietry ASIC and the product of the largest ASIC investment ever in Tektronix's history. It is the core of MSO 5 Series oscilloscope and is what gives the scope its Multliple FlexChannel capability at such a High Resolution.
In this short video Director of Technology, Bart Mooyman-Beck talks about the design philosophy of the T49 and its impact on the new MSO 5 Series scope.

Tektronix Tek49 ASIC Overview video thumb


Buy what you need now. Add on as your needs change.


  • Bandwidth up to 2GHz
  • Record Length up to 125 Mpoints

Digital Inputs

  • TLP058 Logic Probes each provide 8 digital channels

Operating System

  • Add Windows OS to run PC software on the scope

Signal Generation

  • Add a built-in Arbitrary/Function Generator

Advanced Analysis

  • Serial Decode / Trigger support for key buses like I2C, SPI, USB 2, Ethernet, CAN, LIN, many others
  • Advanced Jitter Analysis

MSO 5-Series_007

MSO 5-Series upgrade guide thumb
Upgrade Guide



5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Low Profile

Instrument more of your experiment without adding racks

Replace your oscilloscopes and fit 6x more channels into your existing rack space. The 5 Series MSO LP offers 8 channels, plus an auxiliary trigger input, in a space-saving 2U instrument -- at a low cost-per-channel. Each the 8 FlexChannel™ inputs can be used as 1 analog channel or 8 digital channels.

5 Series MSO Low Profile


MSO 5-Series Development Team

The Team Behind the 5 Series MSO.

Watch some of the team members behind the innovative new Tektronix 5 Series MSO talk about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.









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350 MHz - 2GHz
6.25 GS/s

62.5 Mpoints - 125 Mpoints

Up to 64


350 MHz - 2GHz
6.25 GS/s

62.5 Mpoints - 125 Mpoints

Up to 64




350 MHz - 2GHz

6.25 GS/s

62.5 Mpoints - 125 Mpoints


Up to 64



6.25 GS/s

62.5 Mpoints - 125 Mpoints


Up to 64


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Features & Applications

5 Series MSO Creating an XYZ plot video thumb

Feature: Creating an XYZ Plot

Watch how quick and easy it is to create an XYZ plot to analyse this composite video signal.


Application: Power Sequencing Verification with an 8-Channel Scope

In this article, published in "Electronic Design", 5th November 2017, David Pereles observes that, with the number of power supply rails on the rise and designers always under time-to-market pressure, 8-channel scopes are becoming the 'go-to' test instrument. He goes on to discuss how to apply them.

Electronics Design Article - Power Sequencing Verification


Tektronix 4 Series MSO Electromagnetic interference (EMI) troubleshooting




Electromagnetic interference (EMI) troubleshooting

With the Spectrum View option, each analog channel on the 5 Series MSO can show you a time domain waveform, a spectrum or both. The time and frequency plots are synchronized to help you quickly determine which signals are the victims and which are the aggressors.

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See Spectrum View in action


 Read the Spectrum View App Note


Application Notes

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