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Electro-Acoustic Test

Whether evaluating the performance of loudspeakers, headphones, or microphones, electro-acoustic test can be challenging. In the case of loudspeakers and microphones, extraneous noises and reflections from surrounding walls and floors interfere with the measurements. Headphones present their own challenges, owing to the close coupling of earphones to the ears and the associated acoustic transmission paths.

In addition to industry-leading analog performance and the widest array of digital options, APx500 Series analyzers offer fast, cost-effective electro-acoustic test of raw drivers and integrated audio products from the R&D lab to the factory floor.

With APx, engineers can use a single analyzer with a single automated project to test analog circuitry, Bluetooth connectivity and driver electro-mechanical characteristics like impedance, Thiele-Small, and rub & buzz. The result will be a single, consistent data set ready to share between collaborators, or an integrated report from the most reliable and trusted name in audio test.

APx1701 Transducer Test Interface

Low Noise, Low Distortion and Flat Response for Loudspeaker, Headphone and Microphone Measurement

Audio Precision APx1701





Developed for designers and production test engineers seeking clear insight into the behavior of their electro-acoustic devices, the APx1701 Transducer Test Interface is an APx500 software-controlled test accessory that combines instrument-grade amplification with signal conditioning for pre-polarized measurement microphones, and phantom power for professional microphones.

  • Designed for headphone, speaker & microphone test
  • Fully integrated with APx500 audio measurement software
  • Two-channel power amplifier with 20 dB of fixed gain from DC to 100 kHz
  • Integrated current-sense resistors for impedance measurements
  • ±0.08 dB frequency response (10 Hz to 20 kHz; DC-coupled)
  • 134 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • Integrated microphone power supplies support phantom power and CCP
  • TEDS-capable microphone inputs

Measurement Microphones & Acoustic Test Accessories

Enabling a complete audio measurement solution for end-to-end analog, digital and acoustic test

Audio Precision measurement microphone family

The AP microphone family includes one ¼-inch and two ½-inch precision measurement microphone systems, as well as a ¼-inch array microphone and an occluded ear simulator. All units are prepolarized, TEDS-compliant and ICP®/CCP powered. The three precision microphones are calibrated and delivered with a certificate of calibration, ensuring the utmost of confidence in measurement results when paired with calibrated instruments such as an APx500 Series Audio Analyzer and APx1701 Transducer Test Interface.






1/2" Measurement Microphone System

A general purpose measurement microphone recommended for high accuracy applications where high sensitivity is required for free-field response measurements.

Audio Precision 378M31 measurement mic

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1/2" Measurement Microphone System

Has a flat response in applications where high frequencies (up to 40 kHz) need to be measured very accurately. As an alternative to a standard high sensitivity (50 mV/Pa) microphone, it has an enhanced upper dynamic range and doesn’t overload or saturate for measurements above 136 dB.

Audio Precision 378M32 measurement mic

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1/4" Measurement Microphone System

Recommended for extreme accuracy applications where high frequency measurements or high acoustic amplitude measurements are required

Audio Precision 378M33 measurement mic

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1/4" Array Microphone

The value-priced 130M23 array microphone is an excellent choice for large channel count applications, being a cost-effective alternative to higher-end, class-one test and measurement microphones.

Audio Precision 130M23 measurement mic

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1/4" Occluded Ear Simulator

Presents an artificial ear canal to the ear insert, approximating the acoustic impedance of a human ear.

Audio Precision AECM304 ear simulator

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