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The Time and Frequency Experts

Business Scope:
To create and sell innovative solutions for calibration, measurement and analysis of time & frequency related parameters. The solutions are characterized by relevant performance, fitness for application and ease-of-use.

In December 2016, Altaria Services acquired from Spectracom the rights including the IP to the former Pendulum products. As a result of purchasing the Pendulum brand, Altaria Services now becomes a complete T&M company, with R&D, sales and marketing functions along with the earlier profound manufacturing, logistics and service know-­how. The company is now working on refining the current  platform  of  Pendulum  products  and  developing  new  instruments  for  future  demands and applications.


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Product Categories

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Time & Frequency Counters / Analysers

Pendulum brand frequency counters/analyzers are well-known as industry-leading time and frequency measurement and analysis instruments.

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Time & Frequency Standards

Very precise GPS-controlled Rubidium reference clocks for various applications offering unique traceability and portability.

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Frequency Distribution

Frequency distribution via optical fiber offers an economical solution to the problem of low-noise transfer of frequency reference signals over longer distance.

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