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SiteHawk Hand-Held Cable and Antenna Analyser 

Bird SiteHawk

SK-6000-TC      20 MHz to 6.0 GHz

SK-4500-TC       1  MHz to 4.5 GHz

Makes troubleshooting much easients in your system; ultimately providing a "heads-up" before a failure occurs.

Key Features:

  • VSWR, DTF and Insertion loss measurements
  • Long battery life - 10 hours operation time for SK-4500-TC, SK-6000-TC
  • High resolution touch screen
  • Light weight and small size 
  • Andriod operating system
  • Bird RF Power App allows power measurement with external sensor


  • Fault location or DTF mode indicates VSWR or Return Loss levels at each point along the cable and antenna system length.
  • Cable loss function measures Insertion Loss of the cable system over a given frequency range


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FlightHawk RF Aviation Test Set 


Bird FlightHawk

Avoid the Aircraft on Ground (AOG) downtime and expense that results from trial and error testing and component swapping.

Bird’s FlightHawk™ RF Aviation Test Kit combines a unique set of components specifically designed for avionics testing and measurement. In a single rugged case, the kit includes the proven antenna and cable testing functionality of the FlightHawk™ handheld analyzer, Bird’s wideband power sensor – designed specifically to test aircraft RF systems and power measurement, and all necessary adapters and cabling. In addition, Bird’s easy to use aviation testing software will allow anyone on the maintenance team to test and verify all antenna systems in the fleet.


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RailHawk Railway Cable and Antenna Analyser 


Bird RailHawk

Signal Maintenance - On Track!

Bird’s new Railway RF Cable & Antenna Analyzer solution provides a comprehensive kit that allows technicians to maintain high quality service networks in the railway industry. Based on the need for redundant communications, Bird’s Cable & Antenna Analyzer increases reliability and assures maintainability for communication protocols targeted in railway space. Designed to help novice and expert users, our easy-to-use analyzer finds problems before they become time-consuming, expensive repairs.


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AT-500 Antenna Tester 


Bird AT-500

A cost-effective, fast, graphical tool for determining the quality of mobile and base station antennas.

This product is no longer available. The sitehawk is the appropriate replacement

The AT-500 RF Analyzer is ideal when a rugged field instrument is required to validate, test and troubleshoot antenna systems.


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OneAdvisor-800 All-In-One Cell Site Installation Tool

 VIAVI One-Advisor 800

One Solution. One Process. One Report

The VIAVI OneAdvisor-800 is designed to meet the evolving needs of service providers, field technicians and contractors as they scale 5G infrastructure. OneAdvisor-800 allows cell site technicians to test fibre RF, and CPRI/Ethernet from a single instrument, replacing multiple independent tools (OTDR, CAA, Fibre Scope) and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership.

The instrument’s workflow user interface carefully guides technicians through a pre-configured common test process, making sure that technicians complete the job in the same way and to the same specifications. With OneAdvisor-800, tower hands get built-in guidance, automatic test configuration, pass/fail results, and a single closeout report every time, at every site. OneAdvisor helps you get in, get out, get paid.

Key Features:

  • Combines fibre inspection and validation, cable and antenna analysis, as well as over the air tests with spectrum and interference analysis. SWR, DTF and Insertion loss measurements.
  • All tests are conducted with an intuitive workflow automation bringing built-in guidance, automatic configuration, pass/fail results, and a single report package ready for closeout.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved tool efficiency. Replaces multiple independent tools (i.e. OTDR, CAA, Fibre scope, etc).

  • Broad coverage. Covers all radios types (LTE and 5G) and topologies (Macro-cell, Small-cell, C-RAN, and/or DAS)

  • Scalable. As a team’s test responsibility grows, so can the OneAdvisor platform with modular test components


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