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Tektronix IsoVu Isolated Probe


Isolated Measurement System

Whether designing an inverter, optimizing a power supply, testing communication links, measuring across a current shunt resistor, debugging EMI or ESD issues, or trying to eliminate ground loops in your test setup, common mode interference has caused engineers to design, debug, evaluate, and optimize “blind.”

Revolutionary IsoVu™ technology uses optical communications and power-over-fiber for complete galvanic isolation. When combined with an oscilloscope equipped with the TekVPI interface, it is the first, and only, measurement system capable of accurately resolving high bandwidth, differential signals, in the presence of large common mode voltage with:

  • Complete galvanic isolation
  • Up to 1 GHz bandwidth
  • 1 Million to 1 (120 dB) common mode rejection at 100 MHz
  • 10,000 to 1 (80 dB) of common mode rejection at full bandwidth
  • Up to 50 V differential dynamic range
  • 60kV common mode voltage range

"Ground” breaking 1 GHz Isolated Measurement System



See the Details on Your SMPS with the IsoVu Measurement System 

This video shows what insufficient bandwidth does to your measurement and how, sometimes, what you can’t see can hurt you. We demonstrate the difference the IsoVu Measurement System can make to your results and show detail you’ve never seen before.


Making High-Side VGS Measurement with the IsoVu Measurement System

See measurements that were previously impossible in this video, where we take a look at high side and low side VGS measurements on a half bridge switching circuit.

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