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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

6 Key Challenges of the Internet of Things

Education Solutions

Teaching Lab Instrument Management

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GPS Solutions

An Intelligent Repeater System

A solution for GPS location of people or assets in indoor/underground environments

An intelligent zone-based GPS repeater system offers a cost-effective positioning solution for GPS-denied locations and in particular road and rail tunnels.

It consists of one Spectracom GPS time server with access to an outdoor GPS antenna and a network connection to GPS simulators. In addition to synchronizing the simulator's date/time, the time server also acts an a RINEX server to provide the data about live constellation. Any number of GPS simulators are set to generate signals corresponding to a fixed known location so GPS devices continue to provide a position fix when cross live sky to GPS-denied boundaries.

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Electrochemistry Solutions

High Accuracy Sensitive Instruments and Systems to Source and Measure Potential and Current

Keithley's sensitive equipment for sourcing and measuring potential and current and measuring capacitance is widely used in a variety of electrochemistry applications, including cyclic voltammetry, amperometry, potentiometry, battery testing, sensors, electrodeposition, and electrical device characterization.

Keithley Electrochemisty Solutions family

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