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What is Covered ?


When Agreement Includes Calibration

What Is covered ? 

  • Calibration traceable to the applicable national or international standards, performed at manufacturers recommended intervals during the validity of this agreement. A full calibration report will be provided with each item of equipment upon completion.

  • Adjustments needed to bring the hardware within specification is included.

  • Vicom will provide update the firmware as appropriate. The term “update” refers to modifications, patches, security fixes and bug fixes to firmware that are generally available, for no additional fee.

  • Freight from Vicom to the customers nominated address.


What is not covered ?

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  • Unless via prior agreement, accessories for the test equipment.

  • Firmware updates that include modifications enhancements, or upgrades to firmware that add functionality or performance, or which are licensed separately for an additional fee.

  • Freight from customer to Vicom.


When Agreement Includes Repair

What is covered ? 

  •  Repairs to bring the equipment to full working order.


What is not covered ?

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  • The equipment has been physically damaged by fire, water, smoke, chemicals, radiation or by any other means.

  • The equipment has been subjected to misuse.

  • The equipment has been modified, repaired, or otherwise tampered with or seals removed or broken during the validity of this Agreement other than by an authorised employee of Vicom.

  • Parts in the equipment are found to be missing.

  • Faults in the equipment were in existence at the commencement of this Agreement.

  • Painting or metal or panel restoration is required.

  • Unless via prior agreement, accessories for the test equipment.