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1. Military and Government

2. Wired Communications

3. Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing


 1. Military and Government

 Conquering Radar Signal Generation


What are the challenges related to the creation and generation of complex radar signals and what are the tools to help make this task more efficient? Gain these insights and learn how to avoid common traps when creating and generating complex signals with this hour long webinar.

You’ll learn:

  • Why radar signals are particularly difficult to create and generate.
  • Methods that will help reduce the complex issues of writing & debugging one’s own signal generation code.
  • How specific waveform generation tools can improve efficiencies and speed up the overall testing time.
  • The benefits of how specific software can remove the time required to learn all the features of the hardware used.

Let us help you decode radar signal generation with our informative webinar from Tektronix.

Duration: 24:40

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Applicable Products: AWG70000


 2. Wired Communications

 Characterising Coherent Optical Systems


Learn about the coherent modulation being considered for 400G networks, the key building blocks of a coherent test system, how to optimize measurement accuracy and the benefits of customizable analysis for non-standard testing in this Tektronix webinar.

Duration: 42.49

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Applicable Products: AWG70000


 3. Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing

 Simplify Component Selection with Robust DC Characterization


Watch this webinar to get tips for measuring 2- and 3-terminal semiconductor devices and for using Source Measure Unit (SMU) instruments during the design process.

Duration: 32:56

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Applicable Products: SMUs