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Orolia SecureSync 2400 - Overview

SecureSync harnesses Orolia’s leading PNT technology into one flexible, modular platform designed to synchronize critical defense and commercial infrastructure that requires extreme reliability and security.

SecureSync is built on a highly configurable platform to offer precisely what customers need at the lowest cost of ownership. Greater resiliency in SecureSync is available through a multi-layered approach that can leverage anti-jam antennas, Orolia’s complete Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) suite, as well as time error minimization with high performance internal oscillators. Qualified military customers are also eligible for secure military signals such as SAASM and M-Code.

SecureSync also offers embedded interference detection and mitigation to help you identify the presence of jamming and spoofing. Interference detection is a key enabler for greater resiliency in critical infrastructure, as defined in the DHS Resilient PNT conformance framework and the federal PNT Executive Order.

We also offer the 8230AJ GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam Outdoor Antenna which uses a three-stage low noise amplifier, a mid-section SAW, and a tight pre-filter to protect against saturation by high level sub-harmonics and L-band signals. The Anti-Jam antenna rejects signals for the lower elevation angles – where most of the interference comes from.

Alternative signals such as the STL Option are also available which, as an encrypted signal 1000x stronger than GNSS, is an ideal solution for augmenting GPS or other GNSS constellations for resiliency and security or as a standalone indoor solution when roof access isn’t an option.


Key Features

  • Multi-GNSS receiver (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)
  • Built-in high performance NTP server, PTP options
  • Internal precision time keeping via TCXO, OCXO, or Rubidium oscillator
  • Low phase noise frequency options
  • Secure network management and control
  • Supports M-Code, SAASM




  • Timing Signals
    • 10 MHz Sine Output, BNC
    • 1 PPS Timing Output
  • Software-Configurable Timing Output
    • TTL input/output, RS-422/485 input/output, RS-232 input/output, IRIG AM output
  • Accuracy (Phase)
    • +/- 50 ns to +/- 15 ns (based on oscillator configuration).
  • Accuracy (Frequency)
    • 1×10-12 (based on oscillator configuration).
  • Network Services
    • NTP v2, v3, v4: Conforms with RFC 1305 and 5905.
    • Supports Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, Symmetric Key Encryption, Peering, Statum 2.
    • SNTP v4, v4: Conforms with RFC 1769, 2030, 4330, and 5905.
    • PTP v2: Conforms with IEEE 1588:2019.
    • Supports Master, Slave, E2E, IPv4/v6, Multicast, Unicast, Hybrid modes.
    • PTP supported profiles: default, power (IEEE 61850-9-3, IEEE C37.238-2011/2017), telecom (ITU-T G.8275.2 master only) G.8265.1.



- Adaptable

SecureSync is the key enabler of a highly available time and frequency synchronization distribution architecture. It adapts to demanding infrastructure environments, with extended temperature support (-20°C to +65 °C). Time distribution to legacy systems can be achieved with a range of synchronization signals, while timing protocols (NTP, PTP) are available for synchronizing of recent systems through the networks. And, alternative signals including LEO PNT are available such as the STL option.

- Flexible

SecureSync offers a broad range of flexible configurations, including a variety of internal oscillators for holdover and phase noise, and onboard clocks that can be synchronized to many external references. The platform can be configured for specific applications, with the ability to extend the number of option cards on the platform (up to six cards can be accommodated per unit).

- Secure

SecureSync incorporates a high level of operational security with advanced cybersecurity
• Access Control Lists (ACLs)
• iptables firewall support
• Login banner support
• Public/private key support
• Configurable password policy
• Password expiration
• Signed certificate support
(SHA256 default)
• Configurable cipher usage
• TLS v1.1 and 1.2

Military Encrypted Signals
• Symmetric keys


Product Documentation


SecureSync Platform Capabilities Brochure


SecureSync 2400 Datasheet


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