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 VIAVI NSC-100 Network and Service Companion

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Business PON Test



Network and Service Companion 


A compact instrument for techs and contractors handling installation, activation and troubleshooting of residential broadband, business services and Metro/Enterprise Ethernet services. Benchmarking network delivery, validating service performance and distribution while driving compliance to best practice to simply test everything anywhere.




The Network and Service Companion (NSC-100) is a new category of compact hand-held device combining multiple test interfaces (PON, Ethernet, WiFi) with the VIAVI ‘OneCheck’ application concept to make network validation and high speed (Gigabit and higher) service testing a simple and speedy process for all frontline techs and installers, be they beginner or expert.


A single high-performance tool that allows techs to operate in multiple network environments and applications allowing network delivery and service performance to be easily documented with clear and fast demarcation/segmentation of any issues in under a minute.

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  • Empowering techs to go further with simple, fast and comprehensive service activation test and troubleshooting over multiple interfaces

  • Combines PON delivery and in-premises service distribution testing with PON, Ethernet and high-end WiFi test interfaces

  • One button press ‘OneCheck’ application makes network validation and service testing a simple and speedy process
  • Enables accurate benchmarking of service delivery to and distribution within a premises with clear and fast demarcation/segmentation of any issues

  • Drives compliance of best practice to reduce or prevent customer complaints, call-backs and churn

  • Operated directly via the VIAVI Mobile Tech app or used with OneExpert (ONX) to expand capabilities



  • Service installation, activation & troubleshooting

  • Access networks

    • PON – for FTTH & 5G x-haul

    • CATV – for DOCSIS 3.1

    • Telco – for xDSL &

  • Metro/Ethernet

    • Enterprise & Data Centre

    • Business services

    • Wireless fronthaul – 4G & 5G


Key Features

  • Robust, field-ready, screen-less design

  • PON test interface with ONU/ONT emulation

  • Ethernet test interfaces up to 10G

  • Ethernet L2/L3 loop back support for Y.1564 & RFC-2544 tests up to 10 Gbps

  • VIAVI Fusion (centralized test system) leverages NSCs as remote-controlled test agents

  • High-end WiFi test interface – 3x3 WiFi antenna with 2.4 & 5GHz; WiFi Expert shows coverage, channel noise, airtime, and throughput

  • Automated ‘OneCheck’ feature ensures that all necessary and required tests/checks are performed by a tech while on site

  • Multiple levels of gigabit or higher throughput testing (Ookla Speedtest, TrueSpeed RFC-6349, FTP SpeedCheck) for service evaluation against whatever benchmark is needed

  • Service speed tests available through all test interfaces

  • Job Manager helps techs manage their Jobs, Test Results & Reports

  • On-board report generation and submission via the cloud (StrataSync) or direct email (smart phone / tablet)


Interoperability with mobile devices as well as ONX and MTS devices

 NSC-100 Interoperability

This product is StrataSync-enabled

StrataSync is a hosted, cloud-based solution that provides asset, configuration, and test data management for VIAVI instruments and ensures all instruments have the latest software and options installed. StrataSync Core supports the OneExpert platform at no charge. StratSync Plus is also available for enhanced data management capability

StrataSync Enabled


NSC-100 How-To Videos


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