APVSG Vector Signal Generators - up to 40 GHz

The APVSG is an ultra-agile fast-switching vector signal generator series, covering a continuous frequency range from 10 MHz  to 4 , 6, 12,  20 or 40 GHz.




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The APVSG is an ultra-fast-switching vector-modulated signal source, covering a continuous frequency range from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. The standard APVSG enables outstanding ultra-fast CW frequency sweeping, chirping, intra-pulse modulation, pulse shaping, all with very low phase noise. A high performance internal I/Q modulator enables customized modulation waveforms and supports dedicated modulation schemes, including avionics modulation like (VOR/ILS, MODE S or DME). The device can be easily controlled by the touch-display or remotely accessed via Ethernet and USB using standard SCPI command language. A PC graphical user interface (GUI) is supplied to control the device and provide an easy-to-use interface for uploading pre-calculated IQ data files. The GUI supports various file formats.


The key features are:

  • High RF signal bandwidth: using a dual, arbitrary waveform generator operating at 500 MHz sampling rate for I/Q signal generation. The generator has built-in support for the common vector modulation schemes and it provides direct support for the controlled injection of additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) into the signal path.
  • Outstanding signal purity of modulated signals: lowest phase noise (-145 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset), low spurious and excellent harmonic rejection
  • Excellent EVM and ACPR performance
  • Full set of built-in analog modulations like AM, FM, PM, Pulse
  • Ultra-narrow pulse trains (< 5 ns), linear and non-linear pulsed frequency chirps
  • Built-in digital modulation schemes like FSK, PSK, ASK, QAM
  • Ultra-fast frequency hopping and sweeping capability (update frequency, power and phase in below 200 ns)
  • Powerful trigger system including multiple markers and input triggers.
  • Fast control port (FCP) (parallel BCD interface) for fast external signal control
  • Security: external microSD available

The applications include:

  • Compact ultra-high performance vector signal generator IQ data streaming
  • Phase-coherent independantly programmable multi output configurations for phase array and antenna beamforming
  • Simulation of complex signal environments for radar, electronic warfare (EW) and antenna tests






Frequency Range

0.01 to 4, 6, 12, 20 or 40 GHz

Frequency Resolution

0.001 Hz

Output Power

-60 to +20 dBm

Switching Speed

200ns (list mode)

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 10 Hz offset

-90 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 1 kHz offset

-132 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 20 kHz offset

-144 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 100 kHz offset

-148 dBc/Hz

Remote Control

Ethernet, GPIB, USB (SCPI v1999)


FSK, PSK, ASK, QAM, I/Q, Pulse, Pulse trains, pulsed Chirps, wideband FM/PM


Complex lists, frequency/power/phase

Dimensions (W x L x H), Weight

173.6 x 291.7 x 116.9 mm [6.83 x 11.48 x 4.60 in], 2.5 kg




• Arbitrary I/Q waveform playback
• Radar signal simulation
• Quantum computing
• Receiver testing
• Avionic modulation emulation
• High speed antenna testing



• Excellent phase noise performance and low spurious
• Ultra-fast switching and frequency hopping (< 200ns switching time)
• 500 MS IQ data rates, up to 256 MS deep internal playback memory
• Various digital modulation supported (PSK,FSK,FSK,QAM)
• Quantum computer experimental system








100K Frequency extension to 100 kHz
AIQ External analog IQ inputs (per channel)
AVIO Avionics (DME, VOR, ILS)
AWGN Additive white gaussian noise generation, bandwidth selective
EB External power bank adapter cable
FCP Fast control port
GPIB GPIB interface
IVM Internal digital modulation schemes
LN Enhanced close in phase noise & frequency stability
MOD Full range Analog modulation capability
NEC Fast switching speed (no export control, per channel)
PE Mechanical step attenuator down to -90 dBm
PE2 Mechanical step attenuator down to -120 dBm (per channel)
PE4 Electrical step attenuator (per channel)
PHS Phase-coherent switching (per output)
ReCal Recalibration
SD MicroSD card slot for non-volatile storage of IQ data
UFS Ultra-fast swiching speed
VREF Variable external reference
WE One year warranty extension (standard: 2 years)
APVSG04 0.01 GHz to 4 GHz
APVSG06 0.01 GHz to 6 GHz
APVSG12 0.01 GHz to 12 GHz
APVSG20 0.01 GHz to 20 GHz
APVSG40 0.01 GHz to 40 GHz



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