APLC-X Multi-Channel Signal Generator - up to 40 GHz

100 kHz to 12.75, 20 or 40 GHz Agile Ultra-low Phase Noise Signal Generator




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The APLCXX-X is an agile ultra-low phase noise signal generator from 100 kHz to 12.75 (APLC12-X), 20 (APLC20-X), or 40 GHz (APLC40-X). It is available with 1 to 4 independently programmable, phase-coherent outputs. Excellent harmonic and spurious performance in combination with fast switching makes the instruments very well usable for most demanding applications in labs or production facilities.



The main features of these RF and microwave signal generators (RF and MW signal sources) are:

  • OCXO <20 ppb/yr aging (with option LN+)
  • outstanding phase noise, harmonic and spurious performance
  • repeatable and accurately settable output power
  • fast switching of <10 µs (option FS)
  • sweep, trigger functions, and user-programmable external reference frequency between 1 to 250 MHz
  • low power consumption  
  • mechanical housing form: 19″ 1HU rack-mountable
  • local front panel operation, PC controlled local or remote operation through the communication ports USB, Ethernet, and optionally GPIB, and by using GUI Software or ATE commands (SCPI 1999)







Frequency Range

100 kHz to 12.75, 20 or 40 GHz

Frequency Resolution

0.001 Hz

Power Range

-60 to +15 dBm

Power Resolution

0.01 dB

Switching Speed

200 μs (10 μs with option FS)

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 10 Hz offset

-87 dBc/Hz (-100 dBc/Hz with option LN)

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 1 kHz offset

-140 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 100 kHz offset

-152 dBc/Hz

Phase Noise At 1 GHz: at 10 MHz offset

-150 dBc/Hz

Remote Control

Ethernet, Fast Control Port FCP, USB, USB (SCPI v1999)


AM, FM, PM, Pulse


Frequency, List




• R&D low noise signal source
• Production testing
• Service and maintenance
• Signal simulation
• Aerospace & Defense
• Installation and maintenance



• High output power, low phase noise
• Comprehensive AM, low-distortion, wideband DC-FM, and high-speed pulse modulation
• Powerful trigger and sweeping modes
• Portable battery operation









FLASH MicroSD card slot for removable SD memory
FS Fast switching option (with FCP – fast control port)
GPIB GPIB interface
LN Enhanced frequency stability, improved close-in phase noise
LN+ Enhanced close in phase noise & further enhanced long term frequency stability
MOD FM / PM / Pulse Modulation (per channel)
PE Mechanical step attenuator down to -90 dBm (per channel)
PE2 Mechanical step attenuator down to -120 dBm (per channel)
ReCal Recalibration with test data (recommended: two years interval)
VREF Flexible external reference frequency support in range 1 to 250 MHz
WE One year warranty extension (standard: 2 years)
APLC12-X 100 kHz – 12.75 GHz: 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels
APLC20-X 100 kHz – 20 GHz: 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels
APLC40-X 100 kHz – 40 GHz: 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels



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