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Spectracom products from Orolia - the world leader in resilient PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) technology to enable mission-critical applications, enhance operations and reduce risk for aerospace and defense and commercial markets. They are a global manufacturer of precision time and frequency instruments and network-centric equipment used in a wide range of industries.


In global navigation, ideas can literally change the world.


"At Orolia, we are partial to the practical. We love unraveling right-now questions with can’t-fail answers. We believe in the power of resilient PNT.

And whether we manufacture around them or integrate them into larger solutions, our energy and enthusiasm are directed to the immediate, the necessary, the essential. Because the GNSS eco-system is so encompassing, any challenge, practically resolved, has the potential to transform human interaction."




GNSS Simulation

GNSS Simulation Our GPS/GNSS simulators are easy to use, scenario-based instruments that combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any requirement for GPS testing.



GPS/GNSS Simulators

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  • GSG-51 Single Channel GNSS Tester
  • GSG-5 Series Multi-channel Advanced GNSS Simulator
  • GSG-6 Multi-Channel, Multi-Frequency Advanced GNSS Simulator
  • GSG StudioView Software



Advanced Multi-Simulator Systems



GPS/GNSS Vulnerability Test Systems



GPS/GNSS Application Packages

  • GPS Sensor Simulation
  • GPS Testing with Recorded Signals
  • RTK-DGNSS Virtual Reference Station
  • Assisted GNSS Testing
  • Real-Time Trajectories
  • Testing GPS Time Transfer
  • M-Code Receiver Testing


Mobile PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing)

Mobile PNT Spectracom flexibily combines GPS with position sensing and precise time-keeping to offer rugged PNT modules for mobile platforms.



Mobile PNT

  • VersaSync Rugged GPS Time and Frequency Reference System
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  • VersaPNT Rugged GPS Time, Frequency Reference & Positioning System


Precision Timing

Precision Timing A full product portfolio of products that synchronize, generate, distribute and measure precision time and frequency signals.



Time & Frequency References & Systems

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  • SecureSync Time & Frequency Reference System
  • Epsilon GPS Clocks
  • Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System



Network Time Servers

  • Enterprise-Class SecureSync
  • SecureSync PTP Grandmaster
  • VelaSync High Speed Time Server
  • NetClock Public Safety Master Clock
  • NetClock GPS NTP Server



Modules, Boards & Slot Cards

  • VersaSync Rugged GPS Time and Frequency Reference System
  • TSync Timecode Processors
  • TPRO/TSAT PCI Card Timecode Processors



GPS and Other Timing System Accessories

  • Synchronization Software
  • Time Displays
  • GPS/GNSS Antennas and Accessories


For further information, Contact Us or refer to Orolia's Spectracom products website https://www.orolia.com