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Skylight Performance Assurance Platform


What is Skylight?


Skylight is a virtualized performance assurance platform, delivering end-to-end network, application and service performance visibility—right from the user edge to the core network and cloud.

Skylight proactively ensures networks and cloud applications meet increasingly stringent performance requirements, optimize network capacity and meet demanding customer expectations on quality of experience.

Skylight leverages its high-quality performance data, analytics and machine learning to identify, predict and prevent customer-impacting issues.

What is Accedian Skylight



Skylight Platform

Skylight Platform



Skylight Sensors


Collect granular and precise network, application and service data with Skylight sensors.

Skylight sensors come in a variety of forms, both software & hardware. This allows you to place Skylight sensor capabilities anywhere in the network from remote locations to the cloud, and everywhere in between.

Choose the right Skylight sensors for your requirements and deployment needs.



L2-L7 passive traffic analysis

Skylight cloud and on-prem sensors provide lightweight passive analysis of network traffic from Layer 2 to Layer 7 on physical, virtualized, and cloud infrastructure for complete visibility and maximum control over end user experience.



L2-L7 high-definition active testing

Skylight sensor agents can generate thousands of performance management sessions in order to actively monitor network performance and end user application experience.


Software & Hardware

L2-L4 high-definition active testing

Skylight sensor control is a virtualized software test platform that can combine with Skylight hardware modules and SFPs to collect performance data from Layer 2 to Layer 4 across multi-vendor networks.



L2-L4 testing and demarcation

Skylight elements are compact network interface devices (NIDs) that enable full performance and visibility of the network along with controlling that traffic by providing service creation & demarcation, micro-second shaping and full traffic management.



Skylight Orchester



With zero-touch provisioning, new sensors can be deployed network-wide in just minutes



Simplifies, secures and accelerates service validation, fault management and performance insight.



Automates lifecycle management with device backups, commissioning, upgrades and concurrent service validation tests.

Accedian Skylight Orchester



Skylight Performance Analytics


Rapid time-to-insight

Drill down from end-user application issues deep into the network with root cause analytics, configurable alerts, and machine learning-powered troubleshooting


More Efficient, More Effective

A ‘single pane of glass’ view of network and application user performance, using machine learning to alert you to active and potential issues in the network.


Predict and Automate Fixes

Streams data in real time to monitor how well networks, applications and services are performing, and whether it is time to make changes or adjust policies.

Accedian Skylight Performance Analytics


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