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TX RX Systems was the first manufacturer of fully integrated, two-way repeater amplifier systems in the U.S. The first UHF two-way repeater amplifiers were manufactured in 1978, in response to a requirement by Motorola Communications. They were subsequently installed in an Inland Steel Corporation coal mine in Illinois, where they continue to provide reliable underground radio communication to this day. Since then, thousands of TX RX Systems' repeater amplifiers have been sold for private, commercial, government and military applications that include paging, radiotelephone, trunking and two-way radio systems in the frequency range from 66 to beyond 960 MHz
TX RX Systems' repeater amplifiers have been used in such places as:

The construction phase of the English Channel Tunnel or "Chunnel" (few people know that 140VHF two-way repeater amplifiers manufactured by TX RX Systems Inc. were used in the system described in references 5 and 20)
O'Hare International Airport in Chicago
New York Port Authority facilities
The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART)
The King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia
Subway stations in Lyon, France
Many commercial high-rise buildings, shopping centers, manufacturing plants and hospitals in the U.S.
Vehicular tunnels in Taiwan
Nuclear and hydroelectric power plants in the U.S.
The Cook County Jail in Illinois
The largest copper mine in the world in Chile
The subway system in Caracas, Venezuela


Key to TX RX Systems' long-term success has been its proven ability to solve tough application problems and provide substantive system engineering support to its customers. The quality and breadth of its engineering support is, in fact, a key element that has consistently differentiated TX RX Systems from its competitors.

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