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For more than 25 years, German company Intec Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH has successfully been developing products for the international telecommunications market. They now specialize in high-quality, value telecom handheld testers and have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of xDSL, ISDN, IP and fibre measurement technology in Europe and around the worls.

Since 1997, they offer customer specific test equipment under the trade name of ARGUS® with a "Made in Germany“ quality guarantee. Benefitting from local manufacturing and the fact that all development, sales, marketing and logistics activities are provided by themselves, they are able to react promptly to requirements and new challenges. As a medium sized German company, in partnership with Vicom, they offer customers a comprehensive service from detailed documentation, hands on instructions and free updates through to effective, capable assistance to support customers with their day-to-day measurement routine.

Cu TDR Copper Box LAN        
USB WLAN            

ARGUS 163 DSL Tester
ARGUS 163 Data Sheet LAN Cabling Tests
Data Sheet LAN Cabling Test option



The ARGUS 163 offers all modern high-speed interfaces in a single instrument, including, VDSL2 super vectoring and profile 35b bonding, as well as an SFP port for FTTx or GPON.

The ARGUS 163 combines the capabilities of a tester for everyday installations with those of an instrument for modern high-speed interfaces. It is the only measuring device in its class that offers LAN cabling tests, and also the only one on the market that combines this with and VDSL2 profile 35b bonding. This not only enables technicians to localise in-house cable faults (short-circuits, swapped connections, wiring faults, etc.) quickly and easily, but also to verify the availability of power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+).

By means of concurrent triple-play tests, the ARGUS 163 can perform authentic stress tests on copper (DSL, ETH) or glass fibre-based interfaces. Thanks to its multiple DSL chipsets, it offers maximum interoperability with, VDSL2 super vectoring, profile 35b bonding, VDSL and ADSL – yet another feature that no other tester offers. If desired, this instrument can also test telephony (VoIP/ISDN/POTS), as well as copper (TDR, DMM, etc.) and wireless (WLAN, LTE).

Cu TDR Copper Box            
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ARGUS166 DSL Tester
ARGUS 166 Data Sheet
Data Sheet

No other tester offers so many interfaces and functions: the ARGUS 166 combines all commonly used broadband (xDSL, GPON, LTE) and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with comprehensive triple-play functions in a single measuring device.

This user-friendly xDSL-GigE combi tester stands out thanks to its wide range of interfaces and high-capacity (up to 1 Gbit/s) GigE functionalities such as loop, traffic generator and RFC2544. This makes it ideal not only for qualifying Ethernet connections but also for a broad array of performance tests, particularly for super vectoring and accesses as well. Thus, the ARGUS 166 is the ideal tester for MSAN commissioning.

The ARGUS 166 is unmatched: it is the only meter on the market that covers, VDSL2 profile 35b bonding, ADSL2/2+, SHDSL (up to 8 wire), GigE performance tests and telephony (ISDN/POTS) as well as copper (TDR, DMM etc.) and wireless (WLAN, LTE). The ARGUS 166 is also equipped with two SFP ports, e.g. for FTTx (active Ethernet) and GPON, for unique flexibility. All IP tests (Data, VoIP, IPTV and GigE tests) can also be performed using the ARGUS 166 SFP slots.

 ARGUS 153 +xDSL Combi-tester VDSL ADSL GigE LTE        
Cu TDR Copper Box            
DATA IPTV VoIP            
USB PC WLAN            

ARGUS 153 DSL Tester
ARGUS 153 Data Sheet
Data Sheet

The ARGUS 153 is the low-cost, entry-level instrument for high-performance DSL interfaces such as super vectoring (VDSL2 profile 35b, 35b bonding) and as well as the still widely used ADSL.

Compact, robust and light: the ARGUS 153 multifunction (ADSL and VDSL) measuring device tests interfaces and services rapidly and reliably – and offers great value for money. This instrument lets you test VDSL2, ADSL, Ethernet and the physical characteristics of the subscriber line with no module changes. A high-quality, high-performance VDSL/ADSL chipset enables powerful test performance and rapid analyses. You can even upgrade the ARGUS 153 to a tester if necessary.

The ARGUS 153 is thus the ideal instrument for fast, simple commissioning of all-IP subscriber lines. Triple-play testing (Data, VoIP and IPTV) is also available as an option. The versatile expansion possibilities also include e.g. TDR, DMM and line scope in the copper segment as well as WLAN and LTE in wireless.

 ARGUS 156 Triple Play + xDSL Combi-tester VDSL ADSL SHDSL GigE LTE ISDN POTS  
Cu TDR LQ Copper Box          
USB WLAN              

ARGUS 156 DSL Tester

ARGUS 156 Data Sheet
Data Sheet

The ARGUS 156 triple-play and xDSL combi tester is a low-cost, hand-held device for all xDSL interfaces, such as, VDSL2 (super vectoring + profile 35b bonding), ADSL and SHDSL.

It is the ideal entry-level meter for high-end SHDSL measuring technology and for servicing and commissioning business and backbone accesses through a combination of E1 interface (PRI) and SHDSL-TDM/ATM/EFM. The built-in interfaces can be flexibly expanded as needed to add additional functions, for instance telephony (ISDN/POTS), copper (TDR, DMM etc.) or wireless (WLAN, LTE).


The ARGUS 156 also enables (advanced) copper tests for physical line qualification without synchronising with the remote station. Triple-play testing (Data, VoIP and IPTV) is also available as an option. 




Argus 3u ISDN Tester
ARGUS 156 Data Sheet
Data Sheet


The ARGUS 3u range provides all functions necessary for installing and maintaining BRI S/T and U, as well as POTS accesses. They test BRI S/T interfaces in TE, NT and leased line modes, including D channel monitoring and verifies BRI U and POTS interfaces in TE mode.