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Engineers are great problem solvers. However, sometimes we feel overwhelmed or even left alone at our wits' end. The Tektronix TekShare Live Casts Series aims at sharing the insights, tips and tricks we had learned from working with many other engineers like you around the world, such that you can see your problems in a new perspective and approach them in a new different way, getting it solved faster and easier.

NEXT WEBINAR: June 9th. 1:00pm AEST

Correlating Semiconductor Device Performance versus Data Sheet Specification III: Integrated Parametric Measurements with the 4200A-SCS

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Audio Precision presents regular seminars on audio and electro-acoustic test around the world. They cover best practices for characterizing various devices, look at common mistakes to avoid, and give practical advice on automation as well as what to look for when setting up a test program.

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Combilent Group develops and delivers state of the art RF Critical Communication Infrastructure Products. In 2018, Combilent Group acquired TXRX Systems, the LMR market leader in the US. TXRX continues to operate in the US under the TXRX brand, but now incorporated into the Combilent Group, TXRX products are available worldwide.

Combilent & TX RX Systems invites customers, RF Communications users, system operators and integrators, to a series of 45-minute webinars during 2021.

NEXT WEBINAR: June 22nd. 3:30pm AEST

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February 18th 8:00pm AEDT

WEBINAR: How To Create A Best-Of-Breed Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Solution

  • As adversaries become more sophisticated and adaptable in using the RF spectrum to carry out covert surveillance, signal detection capabilities need to be equally sophisticated. A single stand-alone solution that looks at part of the problem is never going to provide complete protection and security. This webinar hosted by CRFS looks at how to integrate a best-of-breed RF monitoring system and create an automated workflow of threat detection.

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May 12th 2:30pmAEST

WEBINAR: Fibre in 5G

  • FTTH Council Asia-Pacific's next #FIBERTalk Webinar: "Fiber in 5G" will review how service providers and manufacturers of all types are considering new, cost-optimized CWDM/LWDM/MWDM solutions capable of supporting much higher bit rates for 5G mobile fronthaul. You will also learn how 5G’s higher capacity is driving fibre density with higher order multiplexing at the cell sites. Also, attendees will learn about the latest advances in process automation for supporting time and cost-efficient cell site deployment, test, and commissioning.


May 18th 7:30am or 11:30am AEST

WEBINAR: Path to a Fibre-Rich Future - DWDM in Access Networks

  • Over the past forty years, the physical characteristics of single-mode optical fibre have continued to evolve as breakthroughs in manufacturing have removed waterpeaks that limit performance while wavelength utilization and modulation formats have continued to increase carrying capacity exponentially. Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is an important milestone in the evolution of fibre optic transmission technology. By staying ahead of the WDM technology curve, VIAVI has armed the industry with the test solutions needed to navigate the activation, maintenance and troubleshooting challenges of passive WDM networks.


May 26th & 27th, Perth

EXHIBITION: AustMine 2021

  • Vicom will be exhibiting at AustMine 2021 this year.

The Austmine Conference is the go-to event for mining leaders to connect around the strategic priorities, key innovations and emerging technologies driving a sustainable industry future.



June 29th & 30th

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 Coming soon to our part of the world: the 2021 Tektronix Innovation Forum. This virtual technology conference includes more than 40 sessions on technology topics including jitter, low level measurements, radar and more. Register today!