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Vicom Ex-Demonstration or Superseded Equipment

Perfect for when you need the performance from your test equipment but are strapped for cash!

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OneAdvisor-800 Cable and Analyser Pack for under 10K!

OneAdvisor-800 covering all of your Cable & Antenna analysis requirements in one simple package for under $10,000!

The ONA800-CAA-3VA Package Covers:

  • VSWR & Return Loss Measurements
  • VSWR & Return Loss Measurements
  • Distance to Fault
  • 1-Port Cable Loss
  • 1-Port Phase• Smith Chart

Package Inclusions:

  • ONA-800 Mainframe
  • ONA-800 Mainframe
  • 6GHz Cable & Antenna Analyser Module (CAA06MA)
  • Wifi & Bluetooth Connnectivity
  • Smart Acess Anywhere SW Option
  • RF Cable DC to 8GHz (1.5m) Type-N(m) - N (f)
  • Y Cal Kit (Open/Short/Load) Type-N(m)
  • Hard Carry Case with Wheels
  • 3 Year Warranty
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