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Tektronix TSG4100A Series
RF Analog/Vector Signal Generator

Introducing the TSG4100A RF Vector Signal Generator – the Disruption in the RF Test Market by Tektronix Continues.

The TSG4100A is suitable for education and research labs, general purpose R&D, and high volume production test applications. Its remarkable phase noise and amplitude accuracy make for an effective solution for basic spectral measurements such as linearity and ACPR and the more advanced receiver sensitivity and selectivity.


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Aeroflex Test Solutions

Accomplished accuracy, stability and speed.

Aeroflex's signal sources are applicable to a diverse marketplace that includes wireless cellular, avionics, military and radar. Fast switching, low phase noise, wide bandwidth, adjacent channel power and memory deep enough to support complex waveforms continue to be key attributes within the signal sources product line offered by Aeroflex.

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Higher productivity and greater ease of use in many applications.

Giga-tronics offers unmatched engineering and technical expertise to help you gain the maximum return on your investment. Through paper to product design, we tailor our products and services to help your team achieve your goals, from the start of the design thru the final integration and for the future to come.

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