RF and MW Test & Measurement Intruments

At AnaPico we create Swiss made instruments with unique features. Our experienced engineering team has
outstanding hardware and software skills, and in partnership with our contracted distributors, AnaPico operates
a growing worldwide support network, offering products and services that meet our customers’ expectations! 

100% Swiss Company for reliable and smart products! AnaPico is an ISO 9001:2015 certified technology leader, developing, manufacturing and supplying RF and MW test & measurement instruments for a wide range of civilian and governmental applications.

Established in 2005 in Zurich, Switzerland, AnaPico has been heavily investing in R&D and is dedicated to creating and continuously improving our innovative and cost-efficient T&M solutions that have best-in-class performance and unique features. All our products are manufactured and 100% tested in Switzerland.


 Product Categories

 RF Signal Generators   Frequency Synthesizers     Phase Noise Analyzers





RF Signal Generators

 With the APSIN, APULN and APMS series, available in various form factors and configurations, AnaPico Signal Generators offer unique features such as ultra-low phase noise, fast switching, multi-channel phase coherence, and battery operation. The APVSG Vector Signal Generator series features wideband digital modulation from 9 kHz to 40 GHz, ultra-fast switching, and excellent agility.

APSIN Microwave Models – up to 26.5 GHz


APSIN RF Signal Generator – up to 6100 MHz


APULN High Performance Signal Generator – up to 40 GHz


APVSG Vector Signal Generators up to 40 GHz



APLC Agile Ultra-low Phase Noise Signal Source – up to 40 GHz


APLC-X Multi-Channel Signal Generator – up to 40 GHz


APVSG-X Multi-Channel Vector Signal Generator


APMS-ULN Models – Multi-Channel Signal Generator up to 40 GHz





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