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RFeye Node Series


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CRFS pioneered the concept of remote real-time networks of spectrum sensors to meet the challenges of modern day spectrum usage and efficiency requirements and of managing complex interference issues.

The RFeye Node is the benchmark for cost-effective, real-time 24/7 monitoring of the radio spectrum. It has been specifically designed and packaged for flexible and scalable deployments in remote distributed networks both indoors and outdoors, including hostile environmental conditions.

The frequency range of the Node is from 10 MHz to 6 GHz and this can be seamlessly extended to 18 GHz with the RFeye Block Down Converter.

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RFeye Nexus Series


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RFeye Nexus is the new range of premium wideband Receiver and Detector modules from CRFS.

These have been developed for the most demanding SIGINT/ELINT applications and offer class-leading signal interception capability and analytics. The modules are available in a number of configurations with different backplane options, allowing them to be installed in any suitable enclosure and easily connected to power, network, trigger and reference sources. The Nexus range is designed for integration into broader sensor arrays or for directly deployment as nodes in a distributed sensor network. Using the optional Linux module the Nexus receiver can also be deployed in remote standalone missions.

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RFeye Arrays Series


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RFeye Arrays provide cost-effective high performance real-time signals monitoring, direction finding and geolocation for spectrum-critical areas.

Sites include government test ranges, military training and proving grounds, army and naval bases, airports, sensitive borders and perimeters. Arrays are available in a range of sizes and antenna configurations for fixed or vehicle-based deployment with frequency range options from 20 MHz to 18 GHz. Twin receiver channels provide simultaneous monitoring, DF and geolocation capabilities.

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RFeye System Software








RFeye system software unlocks the power of remote distributed RF intelligence systems for real-time and database applications.

CRFS's suite of software tools significantly differentiates the RFeye from any other systems on the market. The unique architecture of the RFeye allows for different kinds of software application to be used simultaneously with the RFeye nodes either via real-time connections to an individual node or network of nodes or via application-specific programs running on the embedded Linux system of the node. The real-time software packages have been designed and optimized to run as fast as possible to keep up with the very high rates of data capture from RFeye receivers. Rapid visual refresh rates enable users to derive maximum intelligence from the data.

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